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These were the words on Editor F.L. Hall’s Facebook page this morning, announcing that DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS (see November 24 2015, et al.) has been published — at least in Kindle form.  Or, the day before, “It took a little over a year but good things come to those who wait.  Later today or early tomorrow we will have the Launch of Dystopian Express from Hydra Publications!” And the print edition is to follow soon, while the ebook edition can now be found here.  To quote from the blurb:  “What happens when every aspect of your life DystopiaFullCoveris managed, manipulated, and controlled by someone else.  Everyone is guaranteed the opportunity to suffer equally for the greater good in this dystopian society.  . . .   Your possessions, your body, and even your thoughts, belong to them and not yourself.  What will you do?

“Jump on board and witness how the landscape has changed as we ride the rails of the Dystopian Express.”

My tale in this turmoil is one called “Invisible People,” originally published in DARK INFINITY for Winter 1992-93, which is one of transition.  What happens when some people are just forgotten, no longer existing as far as society is concerned.  Perhaps because they lost a job, thus written off because they no longer contribute.  Or even now, do you even notice the homeless guy on the street with with the tin cup, or has he become all but invisible to us already?

So all aboard, eh?

Did someone say the Invisible Man?  Not quite, but I’ve just returned the proof sheets for a story, “Invisible People,” to Frank Hall for DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS (cf. August 23, May 30).  To be 2ae02e6ff992b2e0837892af56eaaa41published by Hydra Publications, “Invisible People” has to do with lots of invisible men, and some women too, and a near future society that likes them fine just that way.  Of course, it being a dystopian society, things may not remain exactly that way forever. . . .

“Invisible People” is a reprint, I should add, having originally appeared in the Winter 1992/93 edition of DARK INFINITY.

Then in other news, the local cave cat Wednesday (for more on whom press “Wednesday” in the column to the far right) celebrates her 11th anniversary of arriving here tomorrow, on Halloween.  All has not been completely well for her, however.  A shelter cat, she’s led a placid enough life once she came here, but this summer — a strange one for insects in general, including the Invasion of the Tiny Ants — she was apparently bitten by a mutant, flea-treatment resistant flea which in turn may have given her a tapeworm or other internal vampiric parasite, in turn afflicting her with anemia.  So last month she went to the vet, has been given meds in her food each day since, and today, Halloween Eve, she went back again for more tests.

The bottom line: she’s getting well!  But there’s still the problem of the possibly mutant fleas, so she is now wearing a modest but elegant, muted gray expensive flea collar of a veterinarian-recommended sort to deter even the most voracious of insects.

I asked, but alas, she couldn’t get it with imitation rhinestones.

Sunday I received the contract for Hydra Publications’ dystopian anthology (see May 30), along with the announcement from Editor Frank Hall that it now has at least a tentative name, DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS.  My story in this is “Invisible People,” itself a reprint originally published in the Winter 1992/93 edition of DARK INFINITY.  Monday the signed copy goes in the mail and, if all goes well, DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS is expected to leave the roundhouse by the end of the year, “sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Other authors and stories are also listed in the May 30 post, below.  Mine is a bit of near-future science fiction where people who lose their place in society — as through loss of a job in this case — become truly invisible, but also able to see the real world including its defects, hidden by mass brainwashing techniques from the general populace.

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