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The full title actually is TWISTED FATE VOL. I:  APPLES RED AS BLOOD (cf. January 6), to be published by Fantasia Divinity, whose magazine of the same title we’ve met before.  The call had been for retellings and retakes on the fairy tale “Snow White,” with no nods to Walt Disney (at least ones that might cause copyright problems).  We want you to elaborate on the original short tale, give depth and feeling to the characters, motivations, desires, hope, and despair.  The stories can be told from the POV of any character, not just Snow White.  Reprints being okay, I sent a tale from the “Tombs” far future, dying Earth universe called “River Red,” originally published in the anthology ESCAPE CLAUSE (Ink Oink Art, Inc., 2009) and also appearing in my collection THE TEARS OF ISIS.

That was last September with the acceptance coming in January this year.  And so the wheels turned deliberately, slowly, the myriad details of publication each in its own time being addressed until, at last, today, the contract arrived, was read by me, electronically signed, and sent back this afternoon to Editor/Publisher Madeline Stout.  As for “River Red,” the names have been changed along with the setting and a ghoul added as well as, maybe, a sort of zombie, the ending cribbed from (I admit it!) the Greek tragedian Euripides (well out of copyright by now), but there is still a magic mirror.  Or a mirror, anyway.  So while maybe not obvious, the roots of Snow White are there.

Or more to the point, the Writing Life continues.  An edited copy will come next for my approval or possible re-tweaking, maybe an updated bio sent. . . .  A date for publication set?  More to be here as it becomes known.

Perhaps we’ll recall FANTASIA DIVINITY which we’ve met before concerning a reprint of “Flightless Rats,” a tale of the “casket girl”/vampiress Aimée and her problems with dating in 19th century New Orleans (cf. September 27 2017, et al.).  Fast forwarding to September last year, the publisher emerged again with a call for TWISTED FATE VOL. I: APPLES RED AS BLOOD, [t]he first in a new series featuring retellings of fairy tales!  This one will feature Snow White.  We will be looking for new and fresh takes on the tale, however it has to be easily recognizable as a Snow White story.  . . .  We want you to elaborate on the original short tale, give depth and feeling to the characters, motivations, desires, hope, and despair. . . .  Reprints would be okay and the deadline was listed as September 5.

As it happens I ran across the call on September 4, so the time would be short.  But I also realized I had such a reprint, “River Red,” a “Tombs” universe story originally published in ESCAPE CLAUSE (Ink Oink Art, 2009) and reprinted in my 2013 THE TEARS OF ISIS, so out it went the next day, deadline day, with a cover letter hoping it wouldn’t “be too far afield for use.”  Living on the edge, yes?

Then yesterday evening the email arrived — and a happy ending:  Congratulations!  Your story has been chosen to appear in our upcoming anthology APPLES RED AS BLOOD.  We will be in touch soon with the contract.

Details to appear here as they become known.

This came from one of the authors, Rose Blackthorn via Facebook, that CORPUS DELUXE:  UNDEAD TALES OF TERROR, including my story “River Red” (cf. October 17, September 25, 24), is now available on Kindle.  “River Red” is a tale of the Tombs, my far-future dying-Earth story series, originally published in the 2008 anthology ESCAPE CLAUSE and also appearing in THE TEARS OF ISIS.  And now as well in CORPUS DELUXE, for which one may press here.

Also announced is the table of contents (albeit not in final published order), and that’s right here:

Amongst the Living – R. Thomas Riley
A Tale of the Undead – Tony Dews
Blood Bond – Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth
Bury the Bird – Katie M. Flynn
Carlsen’s Plastic Bags – Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen
Chooser of the Unslain – Cynthia Booth and Roy C. Booth
Lorcaspedia – Edward Ahren
Lucky Chucky – Stuart Conover
Night Class – David Jon Fuller
Night Staff – Jan Loeb
Night Walker – DJ Tyrer
No Rest – Rose Blackthorn, Author
Rattle of Bones – Robert E. Howard
River Red – James Dorr
Stiffed – Ken MacGregor and Kerry Lipp
The Death of Halprin Frayser – Ambrose Bierce
The Vampire Costume – Daniel S. Duvall
What Are You? – Brian Lu

Sometimes you’ve got it, sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes you submit a story to an anthology that may be peripheral to its theme depending on how the editor sees it, sometimes it’s more like a solid hit right down the center of the park — or at least that’s how you see it.  In this case the money might not be great, though they encouraged reprints.  And the title, well, how could one resist?  CORPUS DELUXE: UNDEAD TALES OF TERROR.

“We want your horror stories featuring the undead — zombies, revenants, mummies, ghouls, ghasts, you name it, even vampires although bloodsuckers may be a hard sale since we envision ourselves being deluged with vampire stories.  Be original!”  The length range was 2000 to 5000 words (this let out some vampire stories I might have tried, published in places like DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, since they’d be too short).  So zombies could be nice, but aren’t they getting a bit common too?

But above all the idea is still:  be original.  What I do sometimes is list out stories when reprints are allowed, then cross out the ones that seem least likely, taking in word lengths, sub-themes, etc., circling the ones that seem most attuned to what seems to be wanted.  So what ended up on top was a “Tombs” story, one in an exotic dying-world setting a3766224nd with a zombie in it, yes, but with a science-fictional sort of pseudo explanation, and as a bonus one that appears in THE TEARS OF ISIS (albeit originally published in Canada in Ink Oink Art, Inc.’s 2008 anthology ESCAPE CLAUSE) thus making it a sort of advertisement as well for the collection.  And also a story I often use for readings, etc., with (may I say it?) a truly horrific ending.*  The story, if not last (cf. post for September 19, below) then next to last in THE TEARS OF ISIS, “River Red.”

Off it went Monday, September 21, and the question became “did I choose well?”  The answer arrived today, only three days later, from Editor Jorge Salgado-Reyes:  “Thank you for your submission.  We have accepted it.”  In other words, a resounding yes.

(And one sort of P.S. that can bear repeating:  “Please announce it from the four corners of the interwebs.  We need as much social media buzz as possible in the lead up to publication.”)


*The ending, actually, is cribbed from Euripides so I probably can say it.

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