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If you’ve recently received error messages clicking the pictures of three books in the center column, PEDS, VANITAS, and I’M DREAMING OF A. . . , this is because of a change in the set up of the publisher’s store back to its Pedsoriginal, and superior version.  Among other things, you can now receive books in all three formats, Kindle, Nook, and PDF, without having to choose between them, send books as gifts, read excerpts before you buy and, in some cases, even reviews.  Basically what happened is they tried out a new web provider, but it didn’t work well.

So I’ve changed the addresses on the pictures to take you to the “new” original page with my Untreed Reads titles (plus a fourth title, YEAR’S END: 14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR in which I have the first story, “Appointment in Time”) or, if you prefer, you can get there directly by pressing here.  Alternatively, to get to the Untreed Read Store itself, perhaps to explore around for a bit, for the opening page press here.

Upper Rubber Boot Books has announced the start of a series of stand-alone ebooks for reprint speculative fiction from 5000 words to 20,000 words with the advantage that rights will be completely non-exclusive.  That is, if they publish something of mine, I can turn right around and sell the rights again to another publisher, as long as they take non-exclusive rights too.  So, ever willing to try something new, off I sent a 9600-word novelette originally published in the December 1999 ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE, “By Force and Against the King’s Peace,” about a young wizardess called to a medieval justice of the peace court as an expert witness in a case that may involve magic.  Fantasy/courtroom drama, yes!

In pretty quick time the answer came — “yes” — along with a contract that will be mailed out tomorrow morning.  Pay is in royalties which, for short fiction, has in the past never amounted to much in part because Amazon takes a relatively large skim off lower-priced ebooks sold through their site, in part because, well, they are lower priced.  But that’s the thing with the non-exclusive bit, that should another opportunity come along for a reprint magazine or an anthology I’m not prevented from taking it too.

So we’ll see what happens, in terms of editing (especially with reprints, I prefer editors with a light hand, but then I’ve been around awhile and I also place a high premium on style), covers, sales and royalty reporting, etc., some of which you may learn about here too.  And as for the basics, if you’d like to give Upper Rubber Boot Books a try too (the name presumably comes from a Canadian expression for a small, nondescript town, much like “Podunk” in the United States — although the press itself is located in Nashville, Tennessee), their website can be checked out by pressing here.

Then, moving to another set of ebooks, Untreed Reads Publishing has announced that this is “Read An Ebook Week” and, from now through Saturday, May 8, they’re celebrating by holding a 30% off sale.  This covers all titles including my chapbooks VANITAS, I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., PEDS, and the YEAR’S END New Year’s horror anthology with my lead story “Appointment in Time.”  For more press here (yes, this is my page, after all it’s my horn I’m tooting, but you can go from there to their general catalog pages as well).

People who’ve recently clicked on some of the book covers toward the bottom of the center column may have been receiving error messages.  This was due to a redesign of the Untreed Reads Publishing store website, including pages for the electronic chapbooks PEDS, I’M PoludnitsaDREAMING OF A . . ., and VANITAS,  along with similar changes by Chamberton Books affecting the chapbook POLUDNITSA.  So, in a  pre-Christmas cleanup, I’ve made appropriate changes at this end — including adding the title CHAPBOOKS to separate those titles from the four full length collections that are displayed above them.

Now pressing either PEDS, I’M DREAMING OF A . . ., or VANITAS will take you to the Untreed Reads “Author Page” for James S. Dorr which lists all three displayed short story/novelette chapbooks plus the 2012 anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR that includes my lead story “Appointment in Time.”  Thus you can click again on the title you were originally looking for as well as, if interested, browsing one or more of the other titles – noting, for instance, that YEAR’S END may be of special interest at this time of year with Christmas and New Year’s nearly on us.  And noting also that I’M DREAMING OF A . . . is a Christmas story, its title referring to the Irving Berlin song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”  Of course, like the New Year’s “Appointment in Time,” its interpretation is one of horror.

And then, finally, POLUDNITSA will take you to Chamberton’s newly revamped page  for ordering it as an electronic chapbook, along with a listing of five other titles by different authors in Chamberton’s “Chimera” short fantasy series.

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