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Along with yesterday morning’s marathon interview, Friday also brought these more low-profile items:

1.  A contract by email “signed” and sent back to TALES TO TERRIFY for permission to podcast “In the Octopus’s Garden” (cf. April 1), originally published in 69 FLAVORS OF PARANOIA for March-April 1999 and also the lead prose tale in THE TEARS OF ISIS;

2.  Receipt by street mail of my copy of the corrected contract, countersigned by publisher Scary Dairy Press (cf. March 8, et al.) and with payment included, for “Swarms” as a reprint in MOTHER’S REVENGE, planned to be out for Earth Day, April 22;

3.  Also by street mail, two copies of a contract received from Smart Rhino Publications for my science fiction story “Golden Age” to be reprinted in ZIPPERED FLESH 3 (see March 13, February 21, et al.), one countersigned by me this morning and left out for return mail pickup.

All in all, not a bad way to wind down the week.


Kudos today go to Susan Oleksiw who, via Facebook, reminded me that my flash noir tale “The Winning” went live, or at least the link thereto, on the Short Mystery Fiction Society’s blog as part of its celebration of International Short Story Month (cf. May 5).  “The Winning” was originally published in OVER MY DEAD BODY in Spring 1994, and in the version presented here, A TWIST OF NOIR, December 9 2008.  To read “The Winning” and other great stories — at least one a day, and mostly two, for each day this month — one may press here.

Then also this afternoon, continuing to peruse my email at the county library following my monthly writers’ group meeting, I came across this note from Lynn Stranathan of Yard Dog Press:  “Sorry for the rush, but the end of the school year is crushing and we’re trying to get ready for ConDome, too, so I need to get this put to bed or we won’t have it for SoonerCon.  So, if you have any corrections, it’s now or never.”  The subject, their upcoming short short anthology FLUSH FICTION II (see March 27) and my story in it, “Killer Kudzu.”  This one will be presented in, to give it its full title, FLUSH FICTION, VOLUME II:  TWENTY YEARS OF LETTING IT GO!, for the very first time.  While as for the proofreading, for which Lynn added, “I really do need any corrections by tomorrow evening, though, so please look at it ASAP,” the two typos I found will be sent back tonight.

A new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS went up on Amazon today, having already appeared on Goodreads Sunday.  And this one, from Australian author Natasha Ewendt, gives the collection five stars out of five, not to mention some very alluring words!  “Is there anything better than a short story isiscovermasterfinalebook1-copy-201x300collection that pulls you in from the very first line?”  “Each tale has a killer twist, deep dark intrigue and/or something disturbing to make you shiver.”  To read for yourself on Amazon press here (in the interest of full disclosure, not all of the reviews are as good, alas, but one must make up one’s own mind about them — and, in fact, seeing all together I think gives a better idea of a book as a whole in terms of why one reader may like one aspect that a second reader may be less excited by), on Goodreads here.  And for both a thank you from me to Natasha!

In more mundane matters, today I also sent back the proof sheets to Editor Alex Hurst for GROWING CONCERNS (see November 4), Chupa Cabra House’s upcoming Ecological Horror anthology.  My offering in this is “Seeds,” the tale of an uppity flower garden in the Chicago area and why one’s Sunday afternoons might be more safely spent watching baseball on TV.

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