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A quick miscellany to round out Saturday (Sunday I hope I’ll maybe just rest):  SINS AND OTHER WORLDS (see July 28, et al.) has sent a reminder its Kickstarter campaign has less than two days to go, ending 1:27 p.m. (EST) Monday.  This is an all-reprint dark science fiction anthology with a couple of big names in its contents along with the rest of us, and includes my story “The Cyclops.”  It’s still a bit over $100 short as of this writing and, if any reading this should feel the urge, the place to check it out is here.

Then amongst the Forbiddens and the Alternatives, word came today that ALTERED AMERICA (see March 28 2014, et al.), Martinus Press’s alternate history anthology with my “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” is still making sales, though whether enough to amount to a decent royalty split between the authors remains to be seen.  Martinus, however, us also the publisher for FORBIDDEN (yes, that one, with my “The Wind” and “Fetuscam,” cf. August 10, et al.) which one may hope will follow its predecessor’s lead.

Then finally HUMANAGERIE’s release time has been narrowed to “late October 2018,” announced with a request for biographical and other author information.  My story in this one is “Crow and Rat” (see July 29), set in a less-desirable sector of TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH’S New City.


Abe Books has announced discounts “on books, art & collectibles from select sellers” between now and August 27.  Included is my last year’s novel-in-stories from Elder Signs 8451b32b-e3c4-41cb-8f3e-7c6834708f13Press, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, with three new copies (as of this looking) at only $9.64 plus $2.64 shipping.  A number of others are listed at $8.69 plus $3.60 and another at $12.80 including shipping, followed by a clutch of used copies and more new copies, all at less than $13.00 including shipping.  Amazon, I might add, also offers some discounted copies (as well, of course, as electronic copies), though shipping costs there may tend to be higher, but for the moment if you’ve been thinking of buying a paperback copy of TOMBS and would like to save a bit on the cost, check it out on Abe Books before the 27th by pressing here.

Their setting is among the lowest of the low in New City, known to readers of TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  They are of that world — or should one say “were” — but are not in the stories in that anthology.  The story title is “Crow and Rat,” set in the same universe as TOMBS, and now it has a first-time home in an anthology to be published in England.

The anthology, HUMANAGERIE, which (to quote from the guidelines) will showcase both poetry and short fiction on the theme of animals.  The book will not be about animals as such, but will instead be inspired by the characteristics that animals possess, and the points at which these intersect with — and manifest in — humanity. . . .  We are interested in shifting states, in scenarios that explore duality, hybridity, and liminality. We are asking writers to consider how animalistic attributes might manifest in the human psyche — or vice versa.  We want hints of scales, tails, fur and fins . . . gills, claws, paws and spines . . . glimpses of horns, tusks, teeth and tongues . . . stalking, slinking, slithering and stomping . . . roars, whimpers, howls and song.  We want breath, heat, musk.  We want landscapes ranging from urban wastelands to frozen tundra, from bedsits to coastlines, from suburbia to savannah — and the imagined worlds between.  We want water and we want fish out of water. We want the visceral and the vulnerable, the slippery and the synaesthetic, emergence and extinction.

Quite the roundup, if one might say so.  But the tragic would-be lovers, Rat and Crow, beggars and thieves who gained their names from the methods they used, were nothing if not willing to take their chances.  So three months and a week from their journey’s beginning, the word came from Editor Allen Ashley,  I am pleased to tell you that we would like to accept “Crow and Rat” for print publication in HUMANAGERIE, followed by (if I may say) some extremely flattering “Editors comments.”  For a pair of ruffians Crow and Rat, I expect, should be proud!  In any event, the acceptance came lateish Saturday evening with today spent earlier looking over some minor changes plus sending back an acceptance of terms.

If all goes as planned, HUMANAGERIE is aiming for an October release date by Eibonvale Press.  More will appear here as it becomes known.

‘Tis the season, time for the annual Bloomington Writers Guild summer “Potluck Social” and open reading (cf. July 16 2017, et al.).  As if to underscore that in only a few more weeks the fall season will start with August 5’s resumed First Sunday readings and, a month later, September 1 and 2 and the Spoken Word Stage at the yearly fall Bloomington Arts Festival, the weather was a bit cooler than it had been most of the week before, with sun alternating with off-and-on rain that was sometimes heavy.  But the company was warm and the site included a shelter to make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon picnic followed by an informal reading in which I offered “Tit for Tat,” a “Little Willie” warning preachers to be not too hasty in saying who’s bound for Hell, to celebrate its having been chosen for reprinting in B Cubed Press’s upcoming ALTERNATE THEOLOGIES:  PARABLES FOR THE MODERN WORLD (see July 7, 2, 1).  Also, if interested, more on the Bloomington Writers Guild can be found by pressing here.

Then also, from about 10 p.m. Saturday night, a huge “thank you” from me to Charles P. Dunphey, Editor/Publisher of Gehenna & Hinnom Books (cf. two posts below for a sale on titles this week through Friday, July 27) who published on FaceBook:  I’m going to try and post about more indie authors in our field, to help them find new readers.  James Dorr is one of the most talented writers I’ve read, and his novel-in-stories TOMBS is a journey into an imagination unlike any other.  If you love great prose and world-building, pick up a copy of this book.  I semi-immediately posted my thanks, adding that (in my opinion) [i]t’s this kind of passing the word among friends that can be a terrific help to an author.

C.P. Dunphey also reviewed TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH at some depth on his GHENNA POST shortly after it was published (cf. June 3 2017) for which I am also extremely grateful.  The review itself can be found on Amazon, et al. (just press the picture of TOMBS at the top of the center column) or via GEHENNA POST including a link to an interview of me as well by pressing here, while C.P.’s Facebook entry plus comments can be found here.

Well, “mid-year” more accurately, and it’s not something to get rich on, but it could buy lunch.  Actually it’s good to see that copies are moving at all, as is the case with all royalty payments, but with a single-author novel-in-stories like TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (that is, all by me) it’s especially nice since even modest amounts add up.  I might add to that, if any here would care to contribute to the mid-winter royalty check to come, Amazon still has some bargain discounts the last I looked (two, at least, under $10.00) which can be checked out by clicking the cover picture of TOMBS in the center column.  Also, if you’re seeing this and you have read TOMBS and you think it worth while, might I suggest you might write a review and send it to Amazon, Goodreads, et al.?  Reviews need not be long or detailed, just a sentence or two perhaps mentioning what stands out about it for you, but for all authors honest reviews can be a huge help.

Just saying.

Nine days to Halloween — how time does fly!  So to anticipate the upcoming holiday, THE HORROR TREE has just posted an interview of me, a long one by Ruschelle Dillon which even includes a question, with picture, about the Goth Cat Triana (with mention as well of dear departed Wednesday).  Did you know both of them have their own web pages (look for their names under “Pages” to the right)?  Captain Kirk or Jean Luc Picard?  (Yes, that’s one of the questions, but how do the “Casket Girls” fit in?)  Meldings of horror, science fiction, and romance.  Art and Death. Which TOMBS tale was “honorable mentioned” in Circlet Press’s BEST FANTASTIC EROTICA 2007?  Inspirational kitties.  Novels-in-stories.  And what does Poe’s “Poetic Principle” have to do with it all?

These and more — you know the routine!  Some things secret, some better well known, but all of them open for readers’ enjoyment by pressing here.

Today?  Yesterday?  The start of the month?  These types of changes sneak up on one, but this afternoon’s traipse of the internet has revealed that TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH can now be obtained in both Kindle and Nook for electronic readers.  The cost on Amazon is $8.99 as can be discovered (and should one wish, ordered) here while its Nook equivalent can be found for only $8.49 on B&N’s site here (though you then have to press the “See All Formats & Editions” button).  Of other statistics, TOMBS is listed by Amazon in both formats as having been published on June 1, though as we know that was actually the print version only.  Also, one may have noticed the new Nook version comes in at fifty cents less than Amazon’s Kindle, convenient for electronic bargain seekers, but while B&N charges the full list price of $14.95 for its print edition, Amazon cuts that by a whacking two cents to come to a mere $14.93.  (Needless to say, the days of pre-order and later-in-June deep discounts are past, but several reviewers on both the sites seem to indicate the book’s worth its full price.)

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