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Adding to yesterday’s post, I’ve discovered another recent (August 15) 5-Star TOMBS review on Goodreads, this one citing TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH in conjunction with Jack Vance’s THE DYING EARTH.  Says reviewer John Rennie, in part, . . . this is a good, no excellent, example of a book inspired by Jack Vance’s work.  It paints a wonderfully weird and colourful picture of an Earth lapsed into a rather Byzantine senescence.  There is more, to be sure, for which one may press here, while for all seven reviews of TOMBS that currently appear on its Goodreads page, press here.  One warning, however, not all of the Goodreads reviews are “5-Star,” TOMBS perhaps not being aimed for all people, but as Mr. Rennie himself concludes, [a]ll I can say is that I loved it and if this sort of rather quirky writing appeals to you then you will love it too.


Today?  Yesterday?  The start of the month?  These types of changes sneak up on one, but this afternoon’s traipse of the internet has revealed that TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH can now be obtained in both Kindle and Nook for electronic readers.  The cost on Amazon is $8.99 as can be discovered (and should one wish, ordered) here while its Nook equivalent can be found for only $8.49 on B&N’s site here (though you then have to press the “See All Formats & Editions” button).  Of other statistics, TOMBS is listed by Amazon in both formats as having been published on June 1, though as we know that was actually the print version only.  Also, one may have noticed the new Nook version comes in at fifty cents less than Amazon’s Kindle, convenient for electronic bargain seekers, but while B&N charges the full list price of $14.95 for its print edition, Amazon cuts that by a whacking two cents to come to a mere $14.93.  (Needless to say, the days of pre-order and later-in-June deep discounts are past, but several reviewers on both the sites seem to indicate the book’s worth its full price.)

And now revealed, with discussions over the past ten days, the cover painting has been completed:  


art final

Still on track for a Spring 2017 release from Elder Signs Press.

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