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Read all about it!  Local Tokyo favorite KO’d by Skull Island challenger . . . or was it the other way around?  Story printed by Editor David Kopaska-Merkel on Page 10!  Yes, DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES including my sports poem “Godzilla vs. King Kong” (see August 6, et al.) arrived in my mailbox this morning.  For details, press here!

Well yes, that last gives subscription information, but publishing somewhat irregularly from 1986 on, DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES is still one of the best magazines for fantastic poetry on the market and, if you’re a fan, is worth the price.  And as for the fight, well . . .Cvr_AboutTime_bookstore-200x300 you’ll have to ask to begin your subscription with issue #103.

Then in other news, Main Street Rag Publishing Company Editor M. Scott Douglass reminds us that IT’S ABOUT TIME (cf. June 29, November 12 2015, et al.) can still be pre-ordered at a substantial discount, for details on which one can press here“It’s about time.”  When you hear that phrase, what comes to your mind?  A parent or a spouse, arms crossed, foot tapping, watching as someone sneaks in at night?  Or do you see a calendar, its days or weeks flapping.  Maybe you see time extending into an imagined future, something yet to be understood or experienced.  My story in this one is “Curious Eyes,” originally published in THE FICTION PRIMER in December 1988.

(This is being written late Tuesday night, and will likely be time/date stamped for Wednesday.  So it goes.)  Flood or famine, it’s always that way.  Nearly a week of nothing to post, then a flurry of items, the first for today (really late yesterday, that is to say Monday evening) being an email from GrayWhisper Graphics Productions:  “Thank you for your submission to SINGULAR IRREGULARITY, AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT TIME TRAVEL GONE TERRIBLY WRONG, and giving us the opportunity to read ‘The Master of Time.’  We feel your story would be a great addition to the book and would like to include it in this collection.”  And so this evening was spent in part going over, signing, and emailing back  the contract plus going over and filling out a “checklist” with a number of items including a biographical statement (“This bio will appear on the KickStarter page along with a list of your credits, so quirky and anecdotal are welcomed”), the already mentioned credit list in its books-mostly form, a few other things. . . .  “The Master of Time,” also, is a reprint (“We all travel through time in a generally steady progression.  But suppose there was a clock which, in the reverse of the usual order of things, did not measure the progress of time but rather caused it.  Now suppose something happened that threatened to make that clock stop.”  Yes, part of the checklist was a “Story Teaser” too), first published in Summer 2002 in FANTASTIC STORIES, and also included in my collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET.  But what a neat new home!  As the original guidelines challenged, “When things don’t go as planned, what’s Plan B?  What’s the contingency?  Who cleans up the mess? . . .  Anything from hiccups in the time-space to full-blown Armageddon. . . .”

But what if the clock stopped?

Then just the day after DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES #102 was received, I sent back corrections for another poem, “Godzilla vs. King Kong”  (cf. August 30 2015), for DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES #103 — actually received Monday too but, due to issues with the cave computer, not opened until today at the public library.  But also, and this one did come today, a second proof has been received, read, and returned to Bards and Sages Publishing for my story “Pavlov’s Dogs” for Volume 2 in their GREAT TOMES series (see this year, March 4).  So at least for now, the life is busy.

The octopus is coming for us.

No matter where you look, no matter how far you try and run, no matter how much you wish it weren’t true, the signs of the coming octopocalypse are everywhere.  And who can blame them?  We’ve been poking at these wily mini-sea monsters with sticks, shutting them inside aquarium tanks, and grilling them with slices of lemon for thousands of years.

So begins “13 of the Most Frightenly Smart Things Octopuses Can Do,” by Eric March on UPWORTHY.COM — nor is this the first time we’ve met our eight-armed friends on this blog.  I did say “friends”?  Consider, for instance, January 14’s post or, in 2015, October 8.  And then, of course, there’s my own story, “In the Octopus’s Garden,” in leadoff prose position in THE TEARS OF ISIS (cf. November 1 2015, et al.).  But that’s an entirely different matter.

Anyhow, for the latest in octopuses today, press here.

In more writerly news, this afternoon’s street mail delivered DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES 102 dated January 2016, but then that’s the way things go sometimes.  While not related (at least not directly) to Isis’s Tears, my contribution is the poem called “Plus-Size” (see March 27, February 28, et al.), on page 18, the tale of an ultra-capacious Egyptian soldier and how, in a steampunk world, he arrived in England.

Three short items to round out the weekend.  First, Untreed Reads Publishing has announced that they’re celebrating six years of doing business (and, indeed, my first publication with them, VANITAS, a steampunk/mystery originally published by ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE in January 1996, came out as a stand-alone chapbook in August 2011 during their first year) by having a 30 percent off sale on all Untreed Reads-published ebooks during the month of March.  In addition to VANITAS, they’ve since brought out my Christmas horror short story I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., and my dystopian near-future science fiction novelette PEDS, all of which should be covered by the discount.

If interested, pressing the picture in the center column of any of these three titles will bring a description/ordering page which also includes the New Years Eve anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR, featuring my lead story “Appointment in Time.”  From there, one can also click to the Untreed Reads general catalog for other authors and titles, etc.  Sale prices should start Tuesday, March 1, with the 30 percent discount being applied to orders during the checkout process.

On a less happy note, this being the last Sunday of February I would normally plan to post a note on the Bloomington Writers Guild’s “Last Sunday Poetry Reading & Open Mic,” this month with guest readers JT Howard, “a fiction writer, translator and occasional poet currently working to complete an MFA in Creative Writing from Indiana University,” and Bloomington resident and recent IU graduate Harlan Kelly, who is also a founder and current host of the Bloomington Poetry Slam.  However, I’ve been rather under the weather this past week and, even though it’s a lovely day outside, prudence (combined with Bloomington buses not running on Sunday) has caused me to stay home this weekend.

Finally, speaking of poetry,  late Saturday brought a proof sheet from David C. Kopaska-Merkel of DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES 102, officially dated for January 2016 although possibly now one should say the Spring Issue, which I okayed and sent back last night.  My poem in the potpourri is titled “Plus-Size” (cf. August 30), about an Ancient Egyptian mummy, large to begin with, that due to an excess of tana leaves just kept on growing.

In fact, “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is currently being looked at by another publication, but it is not known whether or not it will be accepted and, whatever the result, it is likely to be a bit longer before the results of the fight will be known.  (Thus was my entry for May 25 apologizing for my mix-up of poems bought by GRIEVOUS ANGEL [see May 11, March 30].  “On the Other Hand” was the poem I had meant.  But fast forward now to the real-time present. . . . )

Perhaps it was an omen.  Friday night I had watched the Gareth Edwards version of GODZILLA, one I had seen before in 3-D but seemed worth a revisit.  And then the word came in Saturday’s email (albeit Sunday morning already by the time I1godzilla write this) from David Kopaska-Merkel:  “Godzilla vs. King Kong” would be bought by DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES.  The fight of the century had found a home.

Not only that, but DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES would take another poem as well of the five I had sent, “Plus-Size” about the biggest Egyptian who had ever been in Pharaoh’s army and how, his still-growing mummy awakened, he was to fare in a steampunk London.  A different take, if one will, of the movie THE MUMMY (of which I will say I think the 1932 version is the better).

So for those making book, “Plus-Size” is tentatively to come out in issue 102 in September, Godzilla and Kong to duke it out in 103 for January 2016.

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