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Yesterday’s postal mail brought my copy of DREAMS OF DUALITY (cf. Apr. 2, Mar. 15, et al.), a handsome volume with a cover that looks every bit as neat as its pictures.  I’ve only had a chance to dip into it thus far, but so far the stories have been good, and of a fairly high “literary” quality, exploring the character of their protagonists  — as indeed the premise of the anthology would suggest  — as much as providing plot and action.  My outing here is “Jessie,” originally published in ABERRATIONS in August 1995, and based (as it were) on the Books of Kings in the BIBLE.

Then today brought the news that Post Mortem Press’s TORN REALITIES is now out on Amazon, complete with reprint Clive Barker novella “Rawhead Rex” (see Mar. 17, et al.).  From the ad copy:  “This is not your typical Cthulhu anthology!  TORN REALITIES deals with Lovecraft’s themes of forbidden knowledge, the idea that we are essentially untethered from the workaday world.  TORN REALITIES explores lunacy-inducing creatures predating the dawn of man — keeping Lovecraft’s most famous theme (the idea of mind-boggling other gods) more general.  The stories in this book actively seek the gray area in horror with tales of regular people in irregular situations.”  My story in this is “The Calm,” of an expedition that went awry during the French and Indian War, originally published in NEW MYTHOS LEGENDS (Marietta Publishing, 1999).  For it, and “Rawhead Rex,” and others by authors such as JW Schnarr, Kenneth W. Cain, C.M. Saunders, Brad Carter, Jessica McHugh, and many more, check out Amazon’s site by pressing here.


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