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Well, it’s on THE-LINE-UP.COM and it’s actually titled “10 Romantic Horror Movies To Watch on Valentine’s Day,” by MacKenzie Stuart, but I didn’t run across it until today.  And anyway, really, ten movies on one day?  To quote the author:  Does the word rom-com send chills down your spine?  If you’re a true horror flick aficionado, you’re likely to dread md_e4939c90cafa-auditionventuring outside of your comfort zone of zombies and psychopaths.  However, horror and romance don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a romantic horror movie that seamlessly weaves touching love stories into your favorite gory films.

And indeed, what films are being suggested, something for everyone starting with SWEENY TODD:  THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET all the way down to ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (these two movies, by the way, with a strong musical interest too).  With, in between, WARM BODIES, HELLRAISER, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES . . . and five in addition, all to be checked out by pressing here.  So break out the amaretto along with the popcorn, snuggle up with your significant other (and/or the family cat — yes, Triana, you’re invited too) and enjoy, enjoy!

(This is being written late Tuesday night, and will likely be time/date stamped for Wednesday.  So it goes.)  Flood or famine, it’s always that way.  Nearly a week of nothing to post, then a flurry of items, the first for today (really late yesterday, that is to say Monday evening) being an email from GrayWhisper Graphics Productions:  “Thank you for your submission to SINGULAR IRREGULARITY, AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT TIME TRAVEL GONE TERRIBLY WRONG, and giving us the opportunity to read ‘The Master of Time.’  We feel your story would be a great addition to the book and would like to include it in this collection.”  And so this evening was spent in part going over, signing, and emailing back  the contract plus going over and filling out a “checklist” with a number of items including a biographical statement (“This bio will appear on the KickStarter page along with a list of your credits, so quirky and anecdotal are welcomed”), the already mentioned credit list in its books-mostly form, a few other things. . . .  “The Master of Time,” also, is a reprint (“We all travel through time in a generally steady progression.  But suppose there was a clock which, in the reverse of the usual order of things, did not measure the progress of time but rather caused it.  Now suppose something happened that threatened to make that clock stop.”  Yes, part of the checklist was a “Story Teaser” too), first published in Summer 2002 in FANTASTIC STORIES, and also included in my collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET.  But what a neat new home!  As the original guidelines challenged, “When things don’t go as planned, what’s Plan B?  What’s the contingency?  Who cleans up the mess? . . .  Anything from hiccups in the time-space to full-blown Armageddon. . . .”

But what if the clock stopped?

Then just the day after DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES #102 was received, I sent back corrections for another poem, “Godzilla vs. King Kong”  (cf. August 30 2015), for DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES #103 — actually received Monday too but, due to issues with the cave computer, not opened until today at the public library.  But also, and this one did come today, a second proof has been received, read, and returned to Bards and Sages Publishing for my story “Pavlov’s Dogs” for Volume 2 in their GREAT TOMES series (see this year, March 4).  So at least for now, the life is busy.

A few short notes to start the new month, the first being that the electronic version of Chupa Cabra’s GROWING CONCERNS (cf. January 20, 9, et al.) arrived yesterday.  Actually published in January, it comes in at just under 200 pages with 18 tales of ecological horror plus introduction — plants gone wild! — with my own contribution, “Seeds,” originally published in the February 1997 edition of KEEN SCIENCE FICTION, in the next-to-last spot in the table of contents.

Then in today’s pre-Super Bowl activity, the local Writers Guild’s First Sunday Readings series started off the year, having missed the beginning of January due to excessively inclement weather (see January 5, et al.), with fiction readings by Darja Malcolm-Clarke and Donna Lodge and an essay and poems by Mary Pat Lynch.  Then in the following open mike session, I led off with an as yet unpublished flash tale of an evening in a Transylvanian graveyard called “Demons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend.”

And finally, a possible correction to the previous post, in that my tale of “The Worst Christmas Ever” may, according to recent Facebook postings, be in Volume 2, not Volume 1, of HEARTCORE:  THE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES ANTHOLOGY — but they may be being published simultaneously, so from a reader’s point of view it may not make a lot of difference.  In any event, perhaps I’ll find out when the contract arrives.

More good news!  Word has come from Editor Dora Badger of NIGHTFALL that they’ve accepted a reprint story, “Sunrise Revival,” for their September issue.  NIGHTFALL is one of several new print publications announced last year by White Cat Publications, specializing “primarily in good quality writing in the dark fiction genre. We will consider stories of most variants of this genre except stories involving excessive gore or erotica.”  It will be published semi-annually with issues in September and March.

Originally published in THE HAUNTED SUN in January 1991, “Sunrise Revival” is neither gore-filled nor erotic, but it does have pigs — at least by association — in that it has to do in part with a revival preacher’s sermon on the subject of the Gadarene swine (cf. Matthew, viii, 28-34).  As for the other part, i.e. the “the world is doomed” portion of it, well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself when the issue comes out!

The electronic authors’ copies of Zombie Works Publications’ MONSTERTHOLOGY (see July 2) came today with fifteen (not just thirteen) “tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other monsters.”  Less favored monsters might include my “Stink Man,” an odoriferous excursion into the wondrous world of cryptozoology.  But more respectable monsters abound too.

Also Zombie Works announces that the book’s official release date is Friday next week, July 27, when it will be available on Amazon, et al., as well as Zombie Works’s own site.  Pre-orders are also being accepted now on the Zombie Works site which can be reached by pressing  here.

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