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These things sometimes come in clusters don’t they, or, another anthology has been updated including a hoped for end-of-August release.  Thus came the email Thursday evening from April Moon Books’s Neil Baker noting that, with tasks completed (or at least come to stopping places) for two other books, “I can now finish off the proofing for ILL-CONSIDERED EXPEDITIONS.

“I will be sending the contracts for the anthology along with galley proofs for your peruill-considered-expeditions88sal in the next few weeks or so — I’m aiming to get this book out by the end of August — sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.”

My trip in this tome is “Ice Vermin” (cf. March 10, January 13), originally published in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf CD ROM, 2003; also reprinted in my collection DARKER LOVES: TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET), the tale of a pre-World War I trek through darkest Siberia — and, it might be mentioned, perhaps extra refreshing should we be into high 90s-plus temperatures by then (summer in these parts, at least, appearing to come late).  So here’s another to look for at the end of next month, more on which will be noted here as affairs progress.


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