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Yes, it seems like it’s still summer, but fall school terms start in August too, at least around here.  And next month there won’t be a First Sunday reading, it being pre-empted by Labor Day weekend which brings the Bloomington Arts Festival with its Bloomington Writers Guild’s Spoken Word Stage.  And, yes, I’ll read there too, tentatively one of the story-chapters from my upcoming novel-in-stories, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  And then in October First Sunday Prose will be back again, this time with me as a featured reader, tentatively anyway, with most likely another story from TOMBS.  Thus begins the “new season.”

So this Sunday, yesterday, brought the first “First Sunday Prose Reading & Open Mic” (see May 1, et al.) for 2016-17, co-sponsored by the Bloomington Writers Guild and Boxcar Books.  Featured readers were Cole Hardman with, as he put it, a church story and a graveyard poem, the latter also a 2015 second prize winner of Indiana State University’s Max Ehrmann Poetry Contest; Shayne Laughter (who we’ve met before, cf. January 3, et al.) with a short story inspired by a family legend, “Into Kansas”; and Patsy Rahn (who we’ve met before also, see April 24, et al.), though primarily a poet, with a series of seven short essays, six of them written this summer.  Then for the open readings, I came in as fourth out of six with flash story “The Cyclops” (see June 28, 10 2013, et al.).  Originally published in DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR, June 2013, it’s the tale of a younger than young-adult person with feelings of alienation, as well as a very good reason for having them.

June has been a month for story reprints.  First there was “The Shackles” being accepted for Forgotten Tomb Press’s 100 DOORS TO MADNESS (cf. June 5), then “The Cherry Tree” for MISERIA’S CHORALE (cf. June 11) by the same publisher.  Then, today, word came from Editors Suzie and Bruce Lockhart that “Flesh” has been accepted for their anthology NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS for publication some time next year by Horrified Press.  “Flesh,” first published in the Spring 1999 issue of MAELSTROM SPECULATIVE FICTION, is a somewhat Imagequirky surrealistic tale of a man who decides it’s time to get fat, based on a warning received in a dream.  Say what?!!  Well, with any luck I’ll let you know when NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS comes out, so then you’ll be able to see for yourself.

NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS is currently reading until February 20 2014 and, if interested, guidelines can be found by pressing here and scrolling down to their “Open for Submissions” announcement.  They warn you, though, that while there may be a chance of royalties, it’s mainly a “4 the luv” market.  In my case, I don’t mind paying forward a little, especially in the case of reprints — today’s startup presses may be tomorrow’s better-paying giants — but there’s another angle for me too.  I do have my new book out, THE TEARS OF ISIS, and getting my name in front of more people, even if just a few, who might read my story here and like it, might also get them looking for places — and telling their friends too! — where they can find more.

In other news, the pizza fund has been replenished with a check received today along with my copy of DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR (see June 10, April 26, 21).  So hopefully younger readers might DarkMoonYAPremieredecide they like my stuff as well :-), though the larger picture is to get them into reading, period.  However I am proud that Editors Lori Michelle and Stan Swanson chose my story, “Cyclops,” as one that would  represent the horror genre in this premiere issue.  DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR with many more authors as well was available in time for World Horror Con this year in New Orleans, but for those who may have missed it there, it can also be found via Amazon by pressing here.

Another multiple happenings day for the start of a new month, with beautiful weather and, also, the cave cat Wednesday’s Official Birthday.  She got two new toy spiders to play with, a large one and a small one, plus a special treat after her supper.  For more on Wednesday, readers are invited to click on her name under “PAGES” on the far right.

To business, though, I’ve just finished sending back answers, etc., for the third of the series of interviews coming out to welcome my latest collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS.  This should be published on Teresa Schnellmann’s THE WRITERS’ LENS around the end of this month or the beginning of June.  Thrill to the answers to such questions as, “What do you think readers will like about your book,” or, better yet, buy a copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS and then tell me.

Also yesterday and today saw my signing two contracts, with Grey Matter Press and their anthology SPLATTERLANDS for “The Artist” (see below, February 9), the tale of an honest man trying to make a blue-collar living as a fancy butcher, and Dark Moon Books for “Cyclops,” the story of a child born with a “difference,” for the premier Young Adults edition of DARK MOON DIGEST (see April 26, 21).  Dark Moon also sent proof sheets with the contract which went in today too.

Then, finally, the corrected proofs have come back for THE TEARS OF ISIS, still on target for a May 15 release.  This is the big one, with just this last look-through needed on this end (plus a few things like back cover design, etc., to be finalized at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing), and then on to the printer!

But Wednesday is taking it all in stride.

Excitement continues!  Last December the word had gone out that DARK MOON DIGEST planned a special issue,  one geared toward young adult readers.  “Ghosts?  Zombies?  Vampires?  Witches?  Werewolves?  Chupacabra?  It’s all up to you.  Just remember:  Keep it exciting and moving along.  Let’s give the younger generation a taste of horror and keep them reading.”

Sounded good to me at the time — and I’d had dealings with DARK MOON before (e.g, as a book publisher, cf. AFTER DEATH, ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, November 9, 5 2012, et al.; for the DIGEST, April 27 2012, et al.), so why not?    So I sent off a 750-word or so short short called “The Cyclops,” noting that while the protagonist is actually younger than those in the intended audience, it was “on a theme of alienation and isolation brought through ‘differentness’ that might appeal to young adults.”

This afternoon Editor Stan Swanson emailed, “We would like to use ‘Cyclops’ in the special young adult issue of DARK MOON DIGEST.  Great story and it will be a good fit.”  SuggestedImage edits and a contract are to follow.

So, a good guess on my part, eh?  More details also will follow here.

Then, as proofing of THE TEARS OF ISIS ramps up into high gear, I’ve also received an email from Red Skies Press editor Mark Crittenden that proof sheets for TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (see September 8, August 20 2012, et al.) will be sent out soon, so, while delayed a bit from an originally hoped for publication date last Decenber, the anthology is getting back on the fast track.  My contribution in this is “Ghost Ship,” a story set in the far-future dying-Earth world of the “Tombs,” in this case on an  island  in the south seas for which its own future has come to a stop.

Again, more details will follow as they are known.

It seemed a natural, a story that takes place at a business convention to be in a magazine scheduled in time for the horror community’s nearest equivalent, World Horror Convention, to be held this year in Salt Lake City the weekend of March 29 through April 1.  The bad news on that is I can’t be at WHC myself — the money’s not good (though I should be at World Science Fiction this fall, closer by in Chicago).  But now the good news:  DARK MOON DIGEST has bought the story, “Skin,” for issue #7 which means I’ll at least have a presence of sorts there.  “Skin” is a reprint, having first appeared in the original manifestation of Gothic.Net in April 1998.

But that’s not all!  By a marvelous coincidence, DARK MOON’s publisher is also putting out a flash horror anthology SLICES OF FLESH, also to be available at World Horror Con, which has already accepted another story of mine, “Bones, Bones, the Musical Fruit” (cf. Nov. 4).  So, Flesh, Bones, and Skin, all will be there to help represent me.

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