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Two items to start the weekend, the first a quick note from Editor/Publisher Casia Schreyer, that after a few unexpected delays, CHILDREN OF THE SKY (cf. July 11, 5) is now available in hard copy on Amazon.  Or from that site’s description:  Children of the Sky is a collection of 8 short stories by different authors.  What happens when aliens come to Earth?  What happens when humans finally reach for the stars?  There are so many possibilities — these are just a few.  Featuring stories by John M. Floyd, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Peter Medeiros, Liam Hogan, James Dorr, David A. Gray, Daniel M. Kimmel, and Hannah Dade.  My story in this is in the “humans finally reach for the stars” category, titled “Frog Pond” and originally published in England in HUB MAGAZINE, December 2006, on expediency’s possible role in the perception of alien intelligence.

CHILDREN OF THE SKY is one of a series of anthologies by Schreyer Ink Publishing, for details on which one may check here.  Also a Kindle edition has apparently just come out, for which press here.

Then for horror buffs, “The Scariest Horror Films Ever — Ranked!” by Peter Bradshaw on THEGUARDIAN.COM, courtesy of Kealan Patrick Burke on Facebook, is today’s serendipitously discovered movie list.  Mileage, as they say, no doubt will vary, though some solid — and well known — examples score high such as EXODUS, ROSEMARY’S BABY, and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.  There is a predilection toward giallo, with Fulci and Argento both represented (e.g. DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING and SUSPERIA) among the twenty-five films in all, but with others including THE ADDICTION, THE INNOCENTS, AUDITION, DON’T LOOK NOW, EYES WITHOUT A FACE (see also July 23, below), and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD indicating a range of approaches.  And is your favorite there too?  To find out, press here.


This came late yesterday afternoon, actually, but had to wait till I could respond (my music group meets Tuesday evenings), the proof copy from Schreyer Ink Anthologies for my entry, “The Frog Pond,” in their upcoming CHILDREN OF THE SKY (see July 5). Originally published in England in HUB MAGAZINE in 2006, “The Frog Pond” is about the opening of a new planet for exploitation, but with one possible hitch that needed to be checked out first.

CHILDREN OF THE SKY itself is scheduled for publication on August 1, with the corrected proof for this story going back late last night (or, depending on time zone, the wee hours of this morning). And indeed things are moving fast, this having been just received:  The pre-order link is now live on Smashwords. The book will also be available through Smashwords’ extended retailers (Kobo and iBooks) in the next few days. You can find it there by searching. It will be live on Amazon in a day or two . . . [t]here will not be a paperback preorder but the paperback will be available on Amazon on August 1st.

The call was for a series of anthologies from Schreyer Ink Publishing, with the one with the guideline window for May and June titled CHILDREN OF THE SKY.  The description read Science Fiction:  stories of alien invasions, first contact, our first steps on alien worlds.  It didn’t say if reprints would be okay, as they often can be for themed anthologies (that is, the editor can hope for first class stories at “used” story rates — in this case, in fact, payment would be just a royalty share), but it didn’t say they wouldn’t be either.  So off went a story from way, way back, when I was writing much more science fiction, about planetary exploration and alien first contact purposely gone wrong called “The Frog Pond,” published originally in the UK in HUB Magazine, December 2006.  Details on first publication history were included of course.

The reply came yesterday, the Fourth of July, from Editor C. Schreyer.  Thank-you for your submission to Children of the Sky. We are excited to inform you that your story has been accepted for publication.  Please find attached your contract.  A bit more information was asked for and so, this afternoon, all went back, signed contract, formatted copy of story, and bio.  If all goes well, the next step will be receiving a proof copy, more on which will be told here when it happens.  Also, other writers, for more information on Schreyer Ink Publishing and future calls (one of which has just opened for this month and August), one may press here.

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