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So, still reeling (sorry) over the post on Horror Movie Dances (see April 4), are we ready for something now for the children?  Ah, the internet!  To bridge the generation gap then, let us consider “8 Dark Kids Shows You Can Watch With Your Little Weirdos,” courtesy of Jinx Strange on DIRGEMAG.COM.  I still remember Billy and Mandy (the latter of whom, in a way, helped inspire a story of mine called “Dead Girls, Dying Girls”) and INVADER ZIM, and perhaps local goth cat Triana might also like to meet COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG.  But there are some others that look interesting too, so let us peruse them together by pressing here!


Here are two lists for the waning of the year’s first month, the first of which by Brandon Russell I just ran across today, courtesy of InConJunction SF and Fantasy Convention via Facebook, from WWW.TECHNOBUFFALO.COM, “15 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Look Forward to in 2015,” some of which come complete with trailers.  From a quick scroll down it looks (at least to me) like INSIDE OUT might be fun as might MINIONS if it doesn’t get too silly, while TOMORROWLAND could be intriguing.  The extra outings in established series of movies excite me less, but should delight their fans.

Should some of these seem a bit too upbeat or jolly, though, here’s a list for those of us of a darker disposition, by Andy Crump at SCREENRANT.COM, “Screen Rant’s 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2015.”  To check these out (and, yes, a few of these are retreads too) press here, or for the science fiction/fantasy list press here — and happy viewing!

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