Yes, on the B Cubed Press front things continue advancing.  So Sunday’s email was punctuated by a series of announcements as minor details were put in order, but centered around an ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGIES (cf.  July 27, 23, et al.) cover reveal.  This is the anthology, we may remember, to (from the original guidelines) focus on a re-mastering of core biblical themes that will help justify, or perhaps even expose, modern evangelical theology.  This is an unabashedly critical look at the often hypocritical deviation of the religious right from their biblical and moral base.  But, as was added, [h]umor and good will are key.  A sharp wit and a sharper pen is the objective.
Thus it progresses.  My worm in the wormwood, we may recall, is a dark-humored poem called “Tit for Tat,” starring the Victorian Age bad boy Little Willie, originally published in the 2015 anthology GHOSTS:  REVENGE.  And so then, today, a table of contents has been released, for which see right here:
Editors Introduction by Phyllis Irene Radford and Bob Brown
Forward by Jim Wright
Counting Sunrises by Heather Truett
The Pale Thin God © 1994 by Mike Resnick, first published in Xanadu, Tor Books, edited by Jane Yolen
Devine Justice by Philip Brian Hall
Tit for Tat by James Dorr, first published in Ghosts: Revenge, James Ward Kirk Publishing
First by Kara Race Moore
Dear Mary, are you There?  It’s Me, Heartbreak by Meg Bee
Ways of Knowing by Louise Milton
Izzy Tells No Lies by James Norris
The Audit by Colin Patrick Ennen
A Conservative Prayer by Gwyndyn T. Alexander
A Liberal Prayer by Gwyndyn T. Alexander
Forgiveness © 2016 by Phyllis Irene Radford, first published Kindle Unlimited
An Atheist at the Movies by Adam-Troy Castro
Everlasting Due by Marilyn Holt
Extinction Level Non-Conjunction Event by Anton Cancre
Ruby Ann’s Advice Column by C. A. Chesse
Nature Does Not Always Know by Jane Yolen
The Lost Gospel Writers by Charles Walbridge
Don’t Get the Bible Wet by Debra Godfrey
Prayer by Rebecca McFarland Kyle
So You Want to Make Gods.  Now Why Should That Bother Anyone? by David Brin
The Faithless Angel by E.E. King
St Patrick 1, Snakes Nil by Jane Yolen
Temple Tantrum by J. W. Cook
Were You Good Stewards by Joyce Frohn
Righteous Spirits by Lillian Csernica
Last Words by Paula Hammond
The Good Mexican by Melvin Charles
Christian Nation by David Gerrold
A Parable About the 8th Day by Jane Yolen
The Forsaken Wall by Tom Barlow
An American Christian at the Pearly Gates by Larry Hodges
Lilith’s Daughters by Liam Hogan
Believing by Jane Yolen
Angelica by Jill Zeller
Whose Good News by Joana Hoyt
Alternative Beatitudes for the New Right by Janka Hobbs
The Ultimate Messiah Smackdown by Christopher Nadeau