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July seems to be the month for sending a thing to one place, seeing it come back accepted by another.  One example, “Flightless Rats” (see July 7), the tale of an innocent vampire maid and a bounder’s attempt on her virtue in 19th century New Orleans.  For today, the call had been in April.  It took some time, but the time has come:  we’re putting together an anthology of  poetry and flash fiction about spirits, ghosts, seances, Ouija boards, famous hauntings, not-so-famous hauntings, possessions, and anything else relating to supernatural bumps in the night (or day, we aren’t fussy).  And there it was.  Reprints being okay, I responded with the 300-word saga of a young lady with an interest in witches, but, if these weren’t available, other bump-in-the-nightly creatures would do, and lessons she learned in a house she was told was haunted.  Originally published in GOTHIC BLUE BOOK IV:  THE FOLKLORE EDITION (Burial Day Books, 2014), the title was “School Nights.”
Today the word came back from Managing Editor Kate Garrett, not for the anthology, WHITE NOISE & OUIJA BOARDS, but for the publisher’s seasonal magazine THREE DROPS FROM A CAULDRON.  I really enjoyed this story, and though it isn’t quite right for the ghosts anthology, I wondered if it would be okay for me to publish it in the Samhain 2017 edition?  I like spookier, horror-tinged work for that one, and would love to include your story.  The Samhain special will be published online and in print on 13th October.  (And it isn’t technically open for submissions until 21st August, but I really like this.)
So I emailed back, “Yes.”

So go the news cycles, days in which nothing happens at all, then periods where it all piles up, one or two happenings every day.  And so, today, a twofer the first of which is by William Herkewitz via POPULARMECHANICS.COM, “Behold Bat Bot, the First Flying Robot Bat.”  Yes, really, but not necessarily intended as an aid for blood drives, but landscape-1485967968-batbotrather activities where drones might otherwise be used, except they’re in close proximity to people.  That is, if there’s an oopsie, even mechanical bats are softer than something with four little whirling, sharp rotors.  And besides that, they’re cool!  But a robot bat does provide, it seems, some unique design problems, for more on which one can press here.

Then, actually a day before, what should be met in the computer cave mailbox but my authors’ copy of MEET CUTE (see December 31, 11, et al.), with my own tale of flying beings, “Butterfly.”  This is a small book of flash fiction concerning unexpected encounters between pairs of people, some romantic, some not so, but all with a touch of the unusual to them.  In this case, my story met up as well with an illustration by Marge Simon, but that wasn’t necessarily surprising — Marge and I being friends for some years, I had told her about it.

Edited by Kara Landhuis, MEET CUTE can be found on Amazon by pressing here.

The room is darkened and, behind you, a fluttering sound — the end of the reel being played on an old-style movie projector, or . . . ?  Well, lest we forget, Friday the 17th of April is Bat Appreciation Day.  For more on our featherless flyibatzng friends, including Fun Bat Facts, one can press here.  And scroll down to the comments section for a bonus SMILEYBAT.COM link plus an “origins” explanation of why this date was chosen.

Or . . . maybe it was the projector or at least cinema related, as Black Wyrm Publishing’s REEL DARK anthology (“Twisted Fantasies Projected on the Flickering Page” — see also March 24, 13) continues toward its projected (ahem) publication date for World Horror Convention, May 7-10.  So this is another step in the creation of an anthology, gathering data about the authors, which came about yesterday with a request for a bio, a photo, and e-addresses for the blog, Facebook, etc., to be included, all of which were sent back last night.

Then finally last night I received a proof sheet for my story “Dead Lines” from DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, a final step in the publishing process.  The story is scheduled for four days from now, Tuesday April 21 (cf. March 31, et al.), so the proof, with any corrections, will go back this evening.  And, in the meantime, for those who don’t subscribe to DAILY SF (you’ll still be able to read “Dead Lines,” a tale of New Orleans and mystery along the Mississippi, plus other stories I have in the site’s archives except it won’t go in until a week later — just enter “Dorr” [the last name only for this one] in the search box to the right) you could do so now for free on their website, found here.

A proof copy arrived today of FANTASTIC STORIES PRESENTS: SCIENCE FICTION SUPER PACK #1 (cf. April 9, March 31), and what a super pack it is!  More than 700 pages with some shockingly big name authors represented, among whom I am humbled to appear as well.  This is a reprint-only anthology (my entry, “No Place to Hide,” was originally published in the long-defunct professional journal SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW) and will, according to another announcement, be followed by at least one FANTASY SUPER PACK as well, for which there are still a few slots open.  Perhaps I’ll submit to that one too — but as for now, more information will be forthcoming asBatAppreciationDay soon as I have it.

On other matters:  My apologies that I missed this one, National Bat Appreciation Day on April 17.  Or, to quote the site, “[t]his is the best time of the year to celebrate bats as they are now beginning to emerge from hibernation and National Bat Appreciation Day is also a good time to learn about bats roles in nature.”  So, better four days late than never, eh?  For more, press here — and don’t miss, especially, the list of Fun Bat Facts the site includes!  And if that weren’t enough, for celebration hints for use any time of year, be sure to check here.

Kudos go to Suford Lewis for bringing Bat Appreciation Day to my attention. And don’t forget (again from the site), “the ‘insectivorous’ bats rid our world of many bothersome insects.  In one hour, they can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes.”

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