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The poetic cup runneth full this Saturday with proofs received from not one, but two upcoming publications.  The first in order of fulfillment, that is to say reading the proof sheet and sending it back with minor corrections, was from our fast-moving recent friend ALTERNATE THEOLOGY (ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGIES?), cf. July 1 and 2.  Either title seems to exist depending on the page you go to, but to the chase, my part is the poem called “Tit for Tat,” a “little Willie” in which our naughty lad finds the afterlife not as had been advertised.  The poem itself has been published before, originally in an anthology called GHOSTS:  REVENGE (James Ward Kirk Publications, 2015), but the subject seems one worth repeating and, with one or two minor editorial changes, has been returned.

Then a PDF for the Summer issue of STAR*LINE was perused, with my entry in this one a new poem, “What She Learned,” one of five accepted last February and four of which have already appeared in the current Spring issue (see May 16, April 11, et al.).  Things thus moving fast all around, within the hour that proof was returned as well to editor Vince Gotera with other information requested and a note that no changes were needed.


Such is the wending way of the interwebs, this comes to us from Bob Brown and the B CUBED PRESS PROJECT PAGE, courtesy of Elizabeth Eve King via the DIGITAL FICTION PUBLISHING LEAGUE, all on FACEBOOK.  Got that straight?  Or, re. yesterday’s posting (and ain’t it amazing how sometimes the news just doesn’t stop coming, other times — e.g., much of the last half of June — the gaps between entries just lengthen and lengthen. . 35728734_397781044040327_1240802746005716992_n. .), it looks like B Cubed Press’s ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGIES lineup is already filled up tight.  Or, to give Editor Bob Brown the floor:

Here is the ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGY line up.  There are two additional stories in reserve, depending on final size of edited works.  69 K words from some great writers:  Author Title

Phillip Hall Devine Justice
Lillian Csernica Righteous Spirits
Tom Barlow The Forsaken Wall
Anton Cancre Extinction Level Non-Conjunction Event
Louise Milton Ways of Knowing
Larry Hodges An American Christian at the Pearly Gates
James Norris Izzy Tells No Lies
Kara Race-Moore First
Melvin Sims The Good Mexican
Paula Hammond Last Words
Heather Truett Counting Sunrises
Colin Patrick
Ennen The Audit
Irene Radford Forgiveness
Joe Cook Temple Tantrum
Liam Hogan Liliths Daughter
Mike Resnick The Pale Thin God
E. E. King The Faithless Andgel
David Brin So you Want to Make Gods.
Jim Wright Foreword
Joanna Hoyt Whose Good News
Debora Reinert Don’t Get the Bible Wet
Marilyn Holt Everlasting Due
David Gerrold Christian Nation
Jill Zeller Angelica
C. A. Chessse Ruby Ann’s Advise Column
Kyle Prayer
James Dorr Tit for Tat
Walbridge The Lost Gospel Writers
Gwyndyn T.
Alexander A Conservative Prayer
Gwyndyn T.
Alexander A liberal Prayer
Jane Yolen Nature Does not always know
Jane Yolen St. Patrick 1, Snakes Nil
Joyce Frohn Were You Good Stewards?
Meg Bee Mary, are you there.
Jane Yolen A Parable About the 8th Day
Jane Yolen Believing

Great stories all, many stories, just as good didn’t fit.  Picked up two of them for ALTERNATIVE APOCALYPSES for next year.

And there you have it.

So went the call:  This anthology will focus on a re-mastering of core biblical themes that will help justify, or perhaps even expose, modern evangelical theology.  This is an unabashedly critical look at the often hypocritical deviation of the religious right from their biblical and moral base.  This will be a disturbing read for some.  But for which was added, [h]umor and good will are key. A sharp wit and a sharper pen is the objective. We’re taking fiction, poems, and essays.  The book in question, B Cubed Press’s proposed ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGIES:  PARABLES FOR A MODERN AGE.

Ah now, thought I, this sounds like a job for “Little Willie,” the late Victorian-styled urchin whose causing or succumbing to disaster oft leads to either narrator indifference or some kind of highly inappropriate moral.  A case in point a poem, “Tit for Tat,” originally published in GHOSTS:  REVENGE by James Ward Kirk Publications in 2015 (cf. February 16 of that year; also on “Little Willies” as a sub-genre, February 6 2012), in which a preacher’s predictions of hellfire fall somewhat short, and which seemed to me a possible fit — but only, that is, if Editors Bob Brown and Irene Radford could be tempted to take a reprint.

Well, you probably know where this is going.  Unabashed (ah, now), I sent it on in with a note explaining its reprint status.  Then last night the report arrived from Bob Brown:  “Tit for Tat” was in!  With it was some info about forms of payment, for which I emailed back my acceptance as well as saying I’d look forward to further information, which to be sure will be shared here as well.

Then one other note.  While it is possible ALTERNATIVE THEOLOGIES is filled by now, technically submissions are still open until July 15, for information on which one may press here.  But be warned as well, as stated in the original guidelines as I received them:  This is not for the Faint of Heart.

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