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For those going to World Horror Convention this year, June 13-16 in New Orleans, the veil of secrecy has at last been officially lifted.  My scheduled whereabouts during the convention can now be revealed.  Well . . . almost.  But almost is good.  It’s better than nothing.  It’s better than not knowing at all, right?

So here’s the skinny.

Thursday I’m not likely to be in till late, so I’ll try to be at the Opening Ceremonies, but maybe not.  Friday, however, I will be at Dark Poets Face to Face, in the Orleans Room at 1 p.m.  “Leading poets in the field of dark literature read and discuss their favorite poems by other members on the panel.  Audience participation is encouraged.”  Moderator is Bruce Boston and other panelists are Chad Hensley, Linda Addison, Marge Simon, and Norman Prentiss.  Also Friday will see 7-9 p.m.’s Mass Signing in the Royal Room, open to non-convention members as well as members.  Chances are I may not have copies of my THE TEARS OF ISIS available myself (at least not many) since it will just be out, but “[a] bookshop is tentatively in attendance with copies of Guests’ and other authors’ books where available.  You can also find many books by those who will be signing in the Dealers Room.”  So look for Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s Max Booth III who, to my knowledge, won’t have an official table in the Dealer’s Room, but should have books himself or possibly have some copies of  THE TEARS OF ISIS placed with other dealers like Hazardous Press or Dark Moon Books (Max will also be signing some of his own books, I understand, at the Dark Moon table Friday from 12-1 p.m., just before the Dark Poets panel).

Don’t party too much on Friday night though because you’ll want to be up for my 9:30 a.m. Reading in the Orleans Room, A Half Hour of Vampires (Poetry and Prose) on Saturday morning.  Questions, etc., will be taken afterward in the hall outside, most likely on the way to the Iberville Room Con Suite in hopes of coffee (French roast, natch) and a beignet or two for a leisurely breakfast.  Then for vampire diehards (hmmm), I’ll be in the Royal Room at 3 p.m. Saturday for Reclaiming the Vampire, Nancy Kilpatrick moderating, with fellow panelists Les Klinger, Carl Alves, and Jim Gavin.  “This panel examines the shifts in the vampire over time, where the creature began, where it is at now, and what to expect of future blood-drinkers.  And most importantly, what this means for writers who adore this subject, which some believe has already bled out.  Can the nosferatu be saved or has it died the true death?”

Then Sunday is a free day for me for lounging, eating, sightseeing, maybe a panel or two, con suite schmoozing.  But also, before that, there is one thing more, a surprise if you will. . . .

But that’s one I’ve promised must remain a secret.

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