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Friday, January 23 is the official release date for INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS (see January 2, et al.) and, well, let them announce it for themselves:  “Both Smart Rhino ‘ASSASSINS’ books will be featured on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at  To celebrate the release of INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS, we’ll reduce the price for the Kindle version of UNCOMMON ASSASSINS to $0.99 on Jan. 22-25.  Why not grab both Kindle copies?”

In addition there will be a “release party” on Facebook on Friday with some of the authors, etc., perhaps stopping in, and reachable, unsurprisingly, by typing in “INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS Online Release Party.”  And if, as the publisher suggests, one should have bought both books, my contributions are “The Wellmaster’s Daughter” among the UNKNOWN and “Labyrinth” in the one that’s INSIDIOUS.

“Hired killers.  Vigilantes.  Executioners.  Paid killers or assassins working from a moral or political motivation.  You’ll find them all in this thrilling anthology.  But these are not ordinary killers, not your run-of-the-mill hitmen.  The emphasis is on the ‘uncommon’ here — unusual characters, usual situations, and especially unusual means of killing.”  So goes the blurb.  “Here are tales by some of the best suspense/thriller writers today, [ranging from] historical fiction to science fiction to political thriller — there’s even an alternate history story in the mix.”  Published by Smart Rhino Publications, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS was originally planned for this fall (see April 17), but, at least on Amazon, has come out early with their release date listed as August 14.

And do I have a shot in this shebang?  You just bet I do, “The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE on November 1991 — my first ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S appearance as a matter of fact (for another tale of mine originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’s, incidentally, click on the picture of VANITAS in the center column).  As for other non-run-of-the-mill malefactors to be found in UNCOMMON ASSASSINS’s pages, here is a partial table of contents (or, put another way, the latest interim one I could find).

Stories aleady accepted for this anthology include:
Stephen England, Nightshade
J. Gregory Smith, The Pepper Tyrant
Lisa Mannetti, Everybody Wins
Ken Goldman Fat Larry’s Night With the Alligators
Christine Morgan, Thyf’s Tale
Matt Hilton, Misconceptions
Billie Sue Mosiman, Second Amendment Solution
Ken Bruen, Killer
Rob M. Miller For the Love of Boys
Monica O’Rourke, Bloodshed Fred
F. Paul Wilson, Slasher
Joseph Badal, Fire & Ice
Doug Blakeslee, Madame
Elliott Capon, The Man Who Shot Hitler
Laura DiSilverio, Mercy Killing
Michael Bailey, Scrub
James Dorr, The Wellmaster’s Daughter
Jonathan Templar, Wish I’d Never Met You
J. Carson Black, The Bluelight Special
Weldon Burge, Welcome to the Food Chain
Al Boudreau, Inside Out
Charles Colyott, Katakiuchi
Lynn Mann, Taking Care of Business

So if you’ve a mind to, check it out here, and enjoy, enjoy!

Got crime?  Violence?  Mystery?  Thrillers?  Monday night’s email brought  another acceptance from an anthology called UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, to be published by Smart Rhino Publications.  This one is not for horror as such, but “thriller/suspense stories in which the central character is a hired killer, assassin, hitman/woman, vigilante, sniper, or someone forced to kill for circumstances beyond his/her control.   . . .  a mix of stories:  noir, contemporary crime fiction, police procedural, historical fiction, dark fiction, steampunk, or even a hybrid of genres.  Use your imagination!  The emphasis is on ‘uncommon’ here.”  And so this was the reply to my submission, “The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” an ethnic tale of the Sahara Desert and a father forced to turn wrong to right at a horrific cost, originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE in November 1991:  “I enjoyed the story and, although it is quite different from the hitman/paid assassin stories currently in the anthology, I would like to accept the story.  I think the readers will enjoy it!”

UNCOMMON ASSASSINS will be officially open for submissions until June 30, but could fill up sooner so any interested should start considering things to send now.  Publication is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2012.  What is not wanted are simple serial killer stories – characters here “should be paid killers or assassins working from a moral or political motivation . . . they are doing this more for others than themselves.”  Also not wanted are supernatural horror stories – “the focus here is on suspense/thriller fiction, not horror.  Futuristic or science fiction will be considered as long as suspense/thriller elements are evident.”  UNCOMMON ASSASSINS also pays, granted not much but a little, and while preferring original work will also consider reprints from 2500 to 8000 words (with a preference for shorter over longer).

If intrigued, complete guidelines are available here.

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