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Originally to be called ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING (cf. October 17 2013, et al.) and to have been published a bit more than one and a half years ago, the book had its delays.  But that’s nothing new here.  However it’s not only back on track with the slightly updated title ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN, it’s available now for the next few days at bargain basement prices on andromeda's childrenAmazon.   As spokesperson Adrian Middleton explains:  “After some considerable difficulties with a CreateSpace taking weeks to resolve a technical glitch, the price of ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN has now been reduced to the bare minimum on Amazon for all territories where authors reside.”  But with that comes the warning, “the price should return to normal on Friday,” so one had best hurry.  My notch in this nursery, I should add, is a tale called “Golden Age” originally published in MINDSPARKS in Spring 1994, of an older woman in a future not exactly like that of the Sundance short film “World of Tomorrow” (see August 21, below), but which still attempts to put off aging — and death — in its own way.

For the anthology itself, to quote the Amazon blurb:  “Science fiction is a diverse playground and ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN are a timeless mix of traditional, modern and comic visions that explore what makes us human — or not. For all their diversity, these adventures have one thing in common — strong women whose adventures reflect the spirit their namesake.”  But see for yourself by pressing here!

(Table of Contents)

Cover – Jim Burns
Introduction – Theresa Derwin
Desert Storm by Pauline E Dungate
Overview by Sean Chatterton
Cut and Run by David Perlmutter
Electric You by Damon Cavalchini
Being Ready by Lynn M Cochrane
Roses are #FF0000 by Stewart Hotston
A Quiet Run to Quintos by Caroline Cormack
Golden Age by James S Dorr
Quit by Jay Wilburn
Brodsky by Margaret Karmazin
To the Altar by Therese Arkenberg
The Enlightened Soldier by Matthew Sylvester
Shelved Desires by Damon Cavalchini

A spot of illness slowed things a little, but the announcement came yesterday that publisher Fringeworks Ltd. has set a  release date for ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING, VOLUME 1.  This is the anthology,  not the British fanzine of the same name (though both are edited by Theresa Derwin), for stories featuring “classic SF tropes (alien species, space opera, time travel, etc.) with strong female protagonists.”  My offering in this one is another reprint (so okay, I don’t write that much straight science fiction these days) called “Golden Age,” and was originally published by physicist/author Catherine Asaro, herself an example of a positive female science fiction role model, in the Spring 1994 issue of  MINDSPARKS.

So for those who’ll be in England three weeks from this Saturday, in the editor’s words, “I have booked a launch slot for AO Vol 1 on Sat 9th Nov at 16:30 pm in the downstairs bar of the Park Inn Hotel Nottingham UK as part of Novacon.”

For me it’s been a busy month right here in the US, especially with Halloween around the corner.  In fact I have two more interviews in the ChristineRainsBlogLogo“to do” folder right now (finished the greater part of one just a half hour ago), although these will most likely not be used until November.  But to give a quick preview of what’s up for me in the run-up to Halloween — only two weeks from today! — on the coming Monday, October 21, Kate Hill will hold a “Halloween Promo” for me in her HAUNTED LIBRARY; three days later on the 24th (that’s one week from today), author, friend, and fellow writers’ group member Christine Rains will offer a new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS on her CHRISTINERAINS-WRITER blog; and on the Monday after that, on October 28, Cassie Carnage is scheduled to interview me on CASSIE’S HOUSE OF HORROR.

See you all then?

Yard Dog Press is a delightfully unpretentious Arkansas publisher that, once upon a time, decided to showcase its various writers in a book to be called FLUSH FICTION.   Say what?  Well, it came out in Spring of 2006 and it’s really flash fiction but, as the book itself points out, these are stories intended “to be read in one sitting.”  All are intended to be complete Imagestories told in 1000 words or less, as the back cover says:  “Some of the biggest names in the business make their livings writing seven hundred thousand word vignettes.  They wouldn’t know how to tell a complete story if it jumped up and bit them on the ass, so keep that in mind as you read the stories in FLUSH FICTION.”

And so, has it come back to bite us too?  Today’s email brought the announcement, “Flush Fiction is Live on Kindle!”  To see for yourself, you just need to press here.  Also, right now it’s on Amazon Select, but in 90 days it should be taken off and made available as well on Nook and possible other locations.

As some may have guessed, I have an outing myself in this outhouse, a story called “The Dragon Tattoo”* about the pleasures, and unexpected dangers, of certain all-body skin decorations.  Yard Dog is also known for its five book series on BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE, with stuff by me in the first four volumes, also first published back in the 2000s — more information on all these titles can be found on Yard  Dog’s website.  And as for FLUSH FICTION, the paperback version is still available as well and can be found on Amazon by pressing here.

Then for a bit of cleanup activity, today I proofed or otherwise checked over not one, but two upcoming anthologies.  ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING, VOLUME 1 will be coming out from the UK with ten percent of its profits going to the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (cf. April 5), including my story “Golden Age” for which I approved editorial changes; while BLEED (see July 18, et al.), now in its final check before going to the printer, will be out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing with profits to go to the Children’s Cancer Fund, including my piece “King Rat.”


*A slightly longer version of “The Dragon Tattoo” has also appeared in the Summer 2003 FANTASQUE.

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