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This is just a quick note that my story “Flightless Rats,” of the vampiress Aimée’s difficulties with dating in Nineteenth Century New Orleans, is now available in FANTASIA DIVINITY MAGAZINE (see July 16, 7).  This is a somewhat bare-bones version which can be read on their website here, with a more completely formatted version in both print and e-formats to be available in the near future.  More to be reported here when it is known.

“Flightless Rats” was originally published electronically in T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG on Jan 12 2015 and in print in MOCHA’S DARK BREW (Mocha Memoirs Press, Jul 2016).


What is this about nine-day acceptances (see “Needle-Heat Gun,” July 29)?  We may recall England’s GRIEVOUS ANGEL, publisher among other things of my Rhysling-nominated poem “On the Other Hand,” on King Kong’s doomed romance with Fay Wray (cf. September 5, March 30 2015).  So on that same day, July 29, just nine days before today as it happens, I sent GRIEVOUS ANGEL a flash submission for which has just come from GA-White-Red copyeditor Charles Christian:  Another fantastic story — love it & will use it.  Has that wonderful mix of quirky with a human touch.  And so for the first acceptance for August, a new story, “Matches,” the 650-word “slightly absurdist” tale of a frustrated young man who hopes to set the world on fire.

Then yesterday brought the coming fall’s opening “First Sunday Prose Reading & Open Mic” (cf. May 7, et al.), co-sponsored by the Bloomington Writers Guild and local bookstore Boxcar Books, with featured readers Dennis McCarty reading reflections on the Little Bighorn/”Custer’s Last Stand” battle site from his upcoming book, tentatively scheduled for early 2018, MONUMENTS:  ONE ATHEIST’S TOUR THROUGH TIME, CULTURE, AND MEANING; Wendy Teller with opening excerpts from her novel-in-progress BECOMING MIA BROWER; and novelist Annette Oppenlander, who noted that her first ever public reading had been at a Writers Guild First Sunday and, scheduled to leave Bloomington later this month, this will be her last reading here, an excerpt set in Germany in the final days of World War II from her fact-based SURVIVING THE FATHERLAND.  All were interesting and well received, though the presentations for the open mike session after the break were a bit skimpy.  Mine, third of only three on a rather gloomy afternoon outside, added perhaps to the ambience with a tale of New Orleanian vampiress Aimée, “Flightless Rats,” on a date gone bad, one that’s been around the block a few times already and is soon to be reprinted next month in FANTASIA DIVINITY (see below, July 16 and 7, et al.).

And two announcements regarding First Sundays:  Next month will be skipped insofar as September’s first weekend will also bring the Bloomington Arts Fair with the Writers Guild-sponsored Spoken Word Stage.  Then for the month after, on October 1, I have been asked to be one of the featured readers.

A lovely, not-too-hot Sunday afternoon brings two quick notes of the “The Writer’s Life” variety.  The first was a contract from Madeline L. Stout of FANTASIA DIVINITY MAGAZINE for reprinting “Flightless Rats” (cf. July 7), starring New Orleanian Casket Girl Aimée on the prowl for a husband, signed and sent back.  Then earlier this p.m. it was time for the annual Bloomington Writers Guild picnic and open reading (see July 24 2016, et al.), starring fried chicken and many sides, in which I read a cautionary poem not of Aimée but those of her kind, titled “Evening.”  Also announced, beginning with the first Sunday next month and “First Sunday Prose Readings,” a new fall cycle of Writers Guild activities will have begun.

February is Women in Horror Month, and we here at Mocha Memoirs Press love our ladies of horror!

In celebration of “Ghoul Power,” we hosted a Flash Fiction Contest.

This collection contains the bone-chilling stories from the top ten finalists.

So says the announcement from Mocha Memoirs Press for their Women in Horror Month Flash Fiction Contest chapbook (cf. June 21, 8, February 23, et al.), now titled MOCHA’S DARK BREW.  At least for the present, the book can be bought on Createspace only for a THUMBNAIL_IMAGEmere $3.00 — but, buyer beware, a shipping cost of slightly more than that will be required too.  Nevertheless, while most definitely a proverbial “thin volume,” what wonderful stuffers for Halloween stockings!  Or handing out for tricks and treats?  Or even for gifties for next February’s Women in Horror Month, maybe combined with Valentine’s day too.

For all that, my entry in this self-styled “micro-anthology” is a tale of the vampiress Aimée on a post-concert night in 19th century New Orleans, originally published in T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG (see January 12 2015).  Arrived in the city slightly more than a century before, from time to time she finds herself between husbands — but, as for anyone, dates sometimes go wrong.  And now, in “Flightless Rats,” what happens next can be tasted again with nine other finalist stories, all fine bitter spoonfuls of horror delight in a truly dark brew, for information/ordering of which one may press here.

For starters, Tuesday brought a second “mystery” acceptance, with contract attached, with the same proviso as with yesterday’s, that details cannot be released until all aspirants have learned their fates.  Or something like that.  The idea is not to have rumors flying until everyone concerned knows whether their stories have found new homes or not.  Again, fair enough.  But in the meantime, another thing learned:  that all can be unveiled next Monday.

Also, harking back to June 8 (cf. that date, also February 23 this year), we have an update on “Flightless Rats” and Mocha MemoirThedaBaras’s Top Ten Flash Fiction Finalist chapbook.  Stories are in the editing process (“not planning on doing any huge changes, but I do want you to look them over”) with proof sheets to come in, probably, the next few weeks.  Also a cover is being designed, according to Tuesday morning’s email from Editor Alexandra Christian.  “We don’t have a final release date yet, but we’re looking at getting this out by the end of July.  It’s going to be a whirlwind, but I think we can do it.”

(Again the picture could be of the vampiress Aimée after an extremely satisfying night, but it’s actually early 20th century American film actress Theda Bara.)

It seemed a mystery at first when it arrived.  From Nicole Kurtz of MOCHA MEMOIRS PRESS, the email read:

Dear Contest Winners:

Thank you for your patience, and congratulations on being our top ten finalist in our flash fiction contest.

Here are our next steps.

1. The stories are being edited.

2. They will be published in a promotional horror chapbook from Mocha Memoirs in both ebook and print versions.

3. Cover art is being considered.

But . . . contest?  Chapbook?  Something dim stirred.  I did a search on Mocha Memoirs — yes, they had published a story of mine in the past as well, maybe more than one, but this was something different.  I had a vague memory. . . .

And then it clicked!  Women in Horror Month, February 2016.  And this, dated February 23, Now it has been revealed!  My story, “Flightless Rats,” has made the list of finalists for the Mocha Memoirs Press Women in Horror Month Flash Fiction contest.  Or, in the official wording:  “The following stories have been chosen as the TOP TEN Flash Stories of 2016!  These stories (pending various technical stuffs) will be compiled into a micro-anthology FlightlessRats2for use by the press.  However, now we need YOUR VOTES to determine the winner of the GRAND PRIZE — $20 Amazon GC!”

The voting is long over, of course, the winner announced.  The top ten finalists, “Diabolique” by Tracy Vincent, “Flightless Rats” by James Dorr, “Pickman’s Model” by Jason Ellis, “Hell on Earth” by Carrie Martin, “The Damned” by Melissa McArthur, “Servant Girl Anihilator” by Robert Perret, “Staying” by Myriah Strozykowsky, “Hag” by Marcia Wilson, “What the Dollhouse Saw” by Karen Bovenmeyer, and “Thin Ice” by Marcia Colette, with the grand winner being Myriah Strozykowsky’s “Staying.”  “Flightless Rats” was originally published in T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG, a.k.a. FREE SCIENCE FICTION, on January 12 2015 (cf. that date, below), and starred the New Orleanian vampiress Aimée (who we may recall from “Casket Girls” in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, see April 17 2014 et al.) about a century after her original 1728 arrival in New France.

So here will be a chance to make one’s acquaintance again in the presumably fairly near future.

Then, speaking of Eighteenth Century France and King Louis XV, a very interesting article — especially for science fiction fans with steampunk proclivities (speaking of “clockworkpunk,” just below) — also turned up in my (e)mailbox this afternoon.  On automata of that time and before, it comes courtesy of ELECTRIC LITERATURE (ELECTRICLITERATURE.COM) by Michael Peck, “The Impossible Bleeding Man:  On the History and Mythology of Artificial Life,” and begins with the bringing to the French king’s attention an amazingly lifelike mechanical duck.  But if ducks, why not men — at least model men, for the betterment of the study of medicine?  Or, as some might say, might that not be taking science too far (believe it or not, a pre-Mary Shelly inventor named “Frankenstein” appeared in France in 1790 in THE LOOKING GLASS OF ACTUALITY, OR BEAUTY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER by François-Félix Nogaret)?  To see more, press here.

(The flying thing at upper left in the picture, however, is not a duck but a bat; while the standing figure, while it conceivably could be Aimée, is actually Carol Borland in the 1935 movie MARK OF THE VAMPIRE.)

Speaking of vampires, today’s the day my short-short, “Flightless Rats” (see November 30, 26), has gone up on T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG.  “Flightless Rats” tells of a brief encounter with the vampiress Aimée (who wCirqueduNuitBall-2013e may recall from “Casket Girls,” cf. April 17, et al.) about a century after her original 1728 arrival in New Orleans, who, finding herself temporarily between husbands, has decided to experiment with dating.

T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG, to quote from its blurb, “releases a family-friendly speculative story every Monday, mostly by guest authors.”  Rather like DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, publisher of the original “Casket Girls,” it can be subscribed to for free and offers generally high quality fiction, also usually rather short.  It can be reached by pressing here to read “Flightless Rats,” as well as for information on signing up for those who wish to.

And yes, Aimée does walk home alone, at least on this night.

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