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Just a quick reminder, if schedules hold up my “The Third Prisoner” should be tomorrow’s FLASH IN A FLASH feature (cf. January 14).  But to read it one must subscribe (it’s free — for two stories a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays!) which one is invited to do by pressing here.

Flash in a flash is a bi-weekly* newsletter of bite-sized stories from every genre under the sun.  New, professional, and experienced authors all bringing you their best in less than 1000 words.  So begins the FLASH IN A FLASH blurb, which can be seen/signed up for by pressing here.  And the thing is, it’s free.

But that’s not just the reason I’m noting it here. Today word came that my story, “The Third Prisoner” (see January 8), will be published there in the near future and the thing is, if you’re a subscriber you’ll be able to read it.

So, January 8’s acceptance email from Publisher Jason Brick put the 21st of this month as the planned publication date, so check here for the news.  Or, if you’re a subscriber you’ll probably get an email as well, but either way it’s a very short story and, as said above, will be able to be read for free.


*That is to say twice a week, I believe, not every two weeks.

This is another “anthology coming out from the cold” episode, for which we go back to late October last year (cf. October 29, 6, et al.).  The project, BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS, the “witty and wacky all-illustrated micro-story and saying compendium,” including my own 75-word fairy tale epic “As Fine as Frog’s Hair.”  An ambitious attempt, it didn’t fare as well at its kickstarter as it might have, and production costs (“all-illustrated,” remember?) were apt to be high.  Well, these things do happen, so. . . .

So yesterday (still late “today” as I write this) word came from Editor Jaleta Clegg:  Yes, I am still working on this project.  I hope to have it ready to send out within a few months.  I’m still waiting on most of the art.  I’ve started pulling together the pages that I have everything for.  Once I have most of the art, I will start sending proofs to authors and artists. . . .  Or in other words, the battered-not-beaten Shrimp is still a “go.”

Of all these, I find this especially heartening, BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP being one of those quirky projects that’s hard to describe, but promising to be a delight when it’s finally realized.  More to be announced here as it becomes known.

They seem to be coming just days apart (one wishes!), acceptances first for “The Reading” from DEEP FRIED HORROR: CTHULHU CHEESE BURGER, then “River Red” for APPLES RED AS BLOOD, and now, yesterday evening, an email from Jason Brick re. FLASH IN A FLASH:  Thank you for your patience in how long it took to work through our massive pile of submissions. We are thrilled to accept PRISONER for our January 21st episode, if it’s still available. Just let me know, and we’ll get you set up.  The story in full is “The Third Prisoner,” like this month’s other two sales a reprint having first appeared in LVWONLINE.ORG in November 2008, on political repression in Latin America and . . . zombies.

Jason Brick, we may recall, was editor of the anthology ITTY BITTY WRITING SPACE that included the debut of my “The Junkie” (see August 28, July 9, et al.), another flash piece (with, also, a zombie).  As for “The Third Prisoner,” this acceptance is for “use in the FLASH IN A FLASH newsletter,” but also potentially publication in a FLASH IN A FLASH anthology for which there would be additional payment.  I might add also that “The Third Prisoner” has been around, including translated into Portuguese (as “O Terceiro Prisoneiro”) in the Brazilian anthology I ANTOLOGIA LUSIADAS (Ediciones Lusiadas, 2009).

It’s BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS, the witty and wacky all-illustrated micro-story and saying compendium (cf. October 6, 2, et al.), now into the final stretch of its kickstarter.  Plenty of bargains (with two levels of pledges including a mini-ebook by me, A JAMES DORR SAMPLER, for those who indulge in the “Shrimp Platter” and/or the “Mantis Shrimp Ninja”).  Also artists and writers are listed on the site for all to see, including again on the author list, me.

Or to quote Editor/Publisher Jaleta Clegg:  BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP is a collection of extremely short things that will hopefully bring a smile to your face or make you stop and think for a moment, or just entertain and amuse.  My vision is a colorful, quirky little book, a very short story on each page.  The authors range from best-selling authors to some just breaking in to some never-before-published authors.  The youngest is four.  The oldest isn’t telling.

Authors appearing in this collection include:

Deborah Drake • William J Joel • Jaleta Clegg • C H Lindsay • James Dorr • Michaelbrent Collings • Tricia Lowther • Karen Thrower Walker • Juleigh Howard-Hobson • Scott Huggins • Diane Clark • C Michelle Jefferies • Dianne Arrelle • Stephan P Mount • Rowan Ray Eve • Jacek Wilkos • Lena Ng • Yrik Max Valentonis • Jude-Marie Green • Rose Blackthorn • A Collings, Age 4 • D J Tyrer • Andrew Wilson • Nemma Wollenfang • Jeffrey G Roberts • Jennifer D Lerud • Karina Fabian • Edward Ahern • Abra Staffin-Wiebe • Jenna Eatough • Stephen Coghlan • Wm Henry Morris

Anyone you know there?  My part, I should add, is a mega-story (by BEER-BATTERED standards) of 75 words called “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair,” a fairyland epic of glamor and magic — but it won’t be seen unless pledges are gathered before Thursday, October 31, at 1:20 p.m. EDT.  That is to say, Halloween just after lunch.

For pledges (and more information) press here.

Sunday afternoon opened the Bloomington Writers Guild “First Sunday Prose Reading and Open Mic” (cf. May 5, et al.) at Bear’s Place for fall.  The featured readers were Wendy Teller who read an excerpt from her novel BECOMING MIA followed by another from the forthcoming THE SORROWS OF SEX; followed by Anya Peterson Royce who read two reviews from when she had been dance critic for the local Herald-Times newspaper, another piece from her long-term work with the Isthmus Zapotec in Mexico, and an excerpt from a novel about the commedia dell’arte in Renaissance Italy.  This was then followed by the “Open Mic” session in which I batted second of five with an (as I put it) “astronomical” story to start the season, a science fiction/horror tale titled “The Comet.”

And then a quick note on the BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS kickstarter noted Wednesday (see below, October 2).  Amongst the various levels of participation are two with 8dc97997df5e48ade02949a1f4ed7318_originalmy name mentioned in the details.  In both the $55 Shrimp Platter and the $150 Mantis Shrimp Ninja one of the items donors receive is “A James Dorr Sampler (7 short stories, pdf file).”  Say what?

Yes indeed, it is just that.  Six full-size short stories from my published books (for more on which one may click their pictures in the center column), one each from STRANGE MISTRESSES and DARKER LOVES and two each from THE TEARS OF ISIS and the novel-in-stories TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, plus one extra uncollected story, all in a glorious no-frills PDF chapbook.  The idea for me is that, if you like some, you may be moved to buy the book(s) they come from, but in any event it’s for stories for now, and for BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP it’s an extra inducement to make a pledge that will translate into copies of that book and extra prizes in the near future.

For more information, including more offers and yet more prizes, one need but press here.

The word is just out:  the kickstarter is up.  This is for the micro-fiction anthology BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS (the official full title — cf. September 26, August 21, 4, et al.) and can be found here.

To quote Editor/Publisher Jaleta Clegg:  Beer-Battered Shrimp for Cognitive Ruminations came about because of a chance comment on a Facebook post.  I had a friend post a short, weird little thing that made me laugh.  I mentioned that it would be fun to have a book of quotes and sayings like it — strange, quirky things that just don’t fit in the normal publishing pigeonholes.  The idea started snowballing from there and before I knew it, I had a pile of submissions. And wouldn’t it be fun if it were a short book with fun illustrations?  However now it must be funded, for which you can help by, again, pressing here.   It costs money to pay authors and artists.  It costs money to print and ship books.

To quote some more:  Beer-Battered Shrimp is a collection of extremely short things that will hopefully bring a smile to your face or make you stop and think for a moment, or just entertain and amuse.  My vision is a colorful, quirky little book, a very short story on each page.  The authors range from best-selling authors to some just breaking in to some never-before-published authors.  The youngest is four.  The oldest isn’t telling.

My part in this is the 75-word fairy-tale world epic “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair,” originally published in MISCELLANEA:  A TRANSDIMENSIONAL LIBRARY (Eggplant Literary Productions, November 14 2013), and is (as the guidelines had suggested) “silly and weird.”  And possibly at most a little disturbing.  But then, with the others, it’s only a “little” story as well.

Let us go back toward the end of August, and BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP (see August 21, 4, et al.).  Remember?  This was the anthology of super-short stories of which [s]illiness and weirdness will abound.  Moreover it’s to be illustrated — in color, no less — but these things all take time.  A kickstarter had been planned for the start of September.

Well, we know the story.  Delays breed delays.  But now we do have a new starting date (or thereabouts).  From Editor/Publisher Jaleta Clegg:  The Kickstarter package is finally finished and under review.  I’m hoping to be able to go live October 1st.  I’ll be putting together something you can share once I get approved and have a url for the project.  Please start talking this up on your social media.  Let’s get people excited!  More will be reported here when it’s ready.

My part in the porpourri, incidentally, is a tale called “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair,” a 75-word saga of beauty and magic (and perhaps with an ilustration primarily in green — we shall see when we see).  The book’s full title is BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS (or words of that sort, at least last I’ve heard), and despite production problems it is still on the way.

So many stories! ITTY BITTY WRITING SPACE is the third volume in the Flash in a Flash series of crowdfunded celebrations of short-short fiction.  104 Authors.  101 Stories.  No Holds Barred.  Inside you’ll find brief but stirring explorations of every kind of story you care to imagine.  From debut authors to celebrated veterans, this books’ writers bring you short glimpses into their imaginations. It’s like speed-dating to find your new favorite authors.  Dip in and enjoy!
Well it’s not really huge, but at 235 pages it does has some heft, and it actually came out in lateish June.  But yesterday’s mail brought my author’s copy and, notwithstanding dipping into the electronic proof copy from time to time already, I’m looking forward to reading it now in a more systematic manner.  Not that it can’t be dipped into, of course — stories on all different subjects and styles, as long as each is no more than 1,000 words long, that’s what it’s for too!  My story, for instance, is about zombies — but also problems in the big city — and is called “The Junkie.”  But others no doubt are not about zombies, or cities, or even horror.  Nevertheless, all can be bought if one has a mind to by pressing here.

No, not this update, but the BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP anthology itself (see August 4, et al.) will be illustrated according to an email today from Editor/Publisher Jaleta Clegg.  Also, yes, things have been somewhat delayed for various reasons, but a promised kickstarter is expected to be ready on or about September 1.  More will be here as it becomes known.

We may remember that the full title (I think) is BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP FOR COGNITIVE RUMINATIONS, or words of that sort, and the guideline description:  You were expecting it to be a NORMAL book filled with NORMAL stories?  Nope.  Silliness and weirdness will abound.  Also my part in the potpourri is an all of 75-word saga (possibly long, BEER-BATTERED SHRIMP is to be a book of *very* short stories) of magic and beauty called “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair.”

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