Having skipped a month for Bloomington’s Fourth Street Arts Fair, it was time this month to resume the Writers Guild’s (mostly) monthly “First Sunday Prose” at Morgenstern Books (cf. September 3; August 7, et al.). First in the featured readers lineup was IU Hutton Honors College Extracurricular Coordinator/Academic Advisor Zilia Balkansky-Sellés with an exciting essay on her trip this August climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She was followed by Bloomingtonian and Director Of Creative Arts Productions for GHETT-HEALTHY production @ GHp studios PDVNCH with five creative prose/poetry essays, “Poetry as Therapy” sessions 1-3 and “The Writing on the Brick Wall” chapters 1 and 2.

Keeping an audience of about thirteen or fourteen people, the session continued after the break with its usual “open-mic” session. Here the turnout was relatively good with five volunteers, albeit with more mundane presentations (with one possible exception, however, Writers Guild member Tonia Matthew with an essay/remembrance of England’s recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II), in which I was second with “The Flavor of the Jest,” the opening segment of “Casket Suite,” my January prize-winning entry in Defenestrationism.Net’s 2022 Flash Suite Competition (see January 17, 3; December 14 2021, et al.*).


*For those interested, the section is one of five mini-stories based on the New Orleanian urban legend of the “Casket Girls,” and which, combined, form a larger story which may be seen in its entirety by pressing here.


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