Untreed Reads Publishing (see just below, November 26) is at it again or, rather, has been at it the last few weeks. A redesign of their website and sales links, including the icons here in the middle column.

Say what? The pictures, that is, of the books. Three under “Chapbooks” are for Untreed Reads publications, “Peds,” “Vanitas,” and the dark Christmas tale “I’m Dreaming Of A . . .” (that “. . .” is part of the title). If you’d happened to click on one of those the last week of so, you would have landed on a generic Untreed Reads entry page with no obvious way of getting from there to the book you were seeking (which isn’t to say, that is, that you couldn’t have reached the title you wanted, just that it would be a sort of adventure).

But now as we start December all is updated. (Just in time for Christmas, one might say, but the truth is more like it’s just now that I’ve had time to go into the coding behind the curtain and bring the links there up to date for the new Untreed Reads pages.) So go ahead, click on the titles now! See the pages they bring you to! All complete with author bio, opening paragraphs of the story, a choice of ordering directly from the distributor — the one you’ll come to being DriveThruFiction — but, if desired, one may switch to others.

So, again, that’s the novelette “Peds,” and short stories “I’m Dreaming Of A . . .” and “Vanitas,” all of which, as it were, are once more only a click away.

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