Interview Quoted In How To Publish Book

The announcement from author/publisher Weldon Burge is already up as a tag on FaceBook.  From, as it were, the horse’s mouth:  I’m working on a how-to book on submitting to anthologies.  It’s coming along nicely and (I hope) will be valuable to short story writers everywhere.

Not only does the book contain advice from me as the editor/publisher of Smart Rhino Publications, but you’ll read great advice from Nancy Day Sakaduski, Jonathan Maberry, Joe Mynhardt, Andrea Dawn, Christine Morgan, James Dorr, Rick Hudson, Jeani Rector, Lucy A. Snyder, Jezzy Wolfe, Adrian Ludens, Shaun Meeks, Greg Smith, Joanne M Reinbold, Joseph Badal, Elizabeth Black, and L.L. Soares.

So it’s not so much “how to write” (though there may be some hints in terms of writing for certain markets) as “having written, how to get it placed,” from an editor/publisher himself who the new writer might submit to, and augmented by the thoughts/experiences of several of us who have sold a number of stories, including some which he himself bought.  So we ought to know, eh?  In my case, I’ve had work in three of Smart Rhino’s publications, ZIPPERED FLESH 3 (“Golden Age,” see November 28 2018, et al.), INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS (“The Labyrinth,” November 28 2018), and UNCOMMON ASSASSINS (“The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” September 9 2014), along with many, many other publishers’ offerings.

The initial contact on this was at the beginning of January when Weldon asked if I would be willing to answer some questions about anthologies and how they figured in my growth as an author.  Why not? I said (or words to that effect), and the result, with comments from the other writers cited as well, is a short ebook, at about 60 pages, tentatively titled GETTING THE STORY STRAIGHT:  THE WHYS AND HOWS OF SUBMITTING STORIES TO ANTHOLOGIES.  So if you’re a bit new to the game yourself, but would like to know more, keep an eye out for it from Weldon Burge and Smart Rhino Publications.

  1. Marge Simon

    Hi Jim — mostly, I just want to know when an anthol is open. Too many just get the word out to a small group OR to those they invite. So the rest of the unwashed masses of writers don’t know.

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