Perhaps we’ll recall FANTASIA DIVINITY which we’ve met before concerning a reprint of “Flightless Rats,” a tale of the “casket girl”/vampiress Aimée and her problems with dating in 19th century New Orleans (cf. September 27 2017, et al.).  Fast forwarding to September last year, the publisher emerged again with a call for TWISTED FATE VOL. I: APPLES RED AS BLOOD, [t]he first in a new series featuring retellings of fairy tales!  This one will feature Snow White.  We will be looking for new and fresh takes on the tale, however it has to be easily recognizable as a Snow White story.  . . .  We want you to elaborate on the original short tale, give depth and feeling to the characters, motivations, desires, hope, and despair. . . .  Reprints would be okay and the deadline was listed as September 5.

As it happens I ran across the call on September 4, so the time would be short.  But I also realized I had such a reprint, “River Red,” a “Tombs” universe story originally published in ESCAPE CLAUSE (Ink Oink Art, 2009) and reprinted in my 2013 THE TEARS OF ISIS, so out it went the next day, deadline day, with a cover letter hoping it wouldn’t “be too far afield for use.”  Living on the edge, yes?

Then yesterday evening the email arrived — and a happy ending:  Congratulations!  Your story has been chosen to appear in our upcoming anthology APPLES RED AS BLOOD.  We will be in touch soon with the contract.

Details to appear here as they become known.

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