Spooky Samhain Revisit — The Other Nine Winners Revealed

Taking the wayback machine back a week, we may recall that my story, “The Great Man,” won second place in OKLAHOMA PAGAN QUARTERLY’s “Spooky Samhain 2018 Contest” (see September 16).  There were three actual (i.e., money) prizes for stories in any of three divisions, “True Tales of Terror,” “Spooky Semi-True Stories,” and “Fantastic Frights,” based on degree of actual truth and/or believability, which with seven runners-up added are slated to be published in the magazine’s Samhain 2018 edition.  And so, here revealed in order (note that there was a tie for third place), a tip of the hat to:

1. Just Up the Street and Back – Jef Rouner
2. The Great Man – James Dorr
3. Falling Up – John Haas
3. Keep Me Company – Phillip Ivory
4. Last Dance – Bryn Schurman
5. The Last Sacrifice – James Paris
6. Eyes of Corn – Alexandria Baker
7. My Little Katie – Summer Robbins
8. Serpent’s Head – Thomas Vaughn
9. Beyond The Locked Door – Morgan Chalfant

To this OKLAHOMA PAGAN QUARTERLY Editor Belwoeth Harbright has added, noting first that it was a close contest, [w]e had so much fun with this, however, that we definitely intend on doing it again next year!  So keep writing, editing, and tightening those horror tales and try again next time!  


  1. Marge Simon

    Super congrats, Jim!

  2. Marge, thanks! Perhaps Triana will get another treat tonight (though she was a little bit naughty this morning).

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