Grimmer and Grimmer, Paperback DeadSteam Arrives in Mailbox

Reader beware: to open this tome is to invite dread into your heart.  Every page you turn will bring you closer to something wicked.  And when the dead begin to rise from the steaming pits of hell, only then will you discover that it is already too late.  Your life is forfeit.  Featuring an introduction by Leanna Renee Hieber, author of the Eterna Files and Strangely Beautiful saga, DeadSteam plays host to the scintillating writing of David Lee Summers (Owl Dance, The Brazen Shark), Jen Ponce (The Bazaar, Demon’s Cradle), Wendy Nikel (The Continuum), Karen J Carlisle (The Adventures of Viola Stewart), Jonah Buck (Carrion Safari), and more…  With seventeen chilling tales of dreadpunk, gaslamp, and dark steampunk, DeadSteam will leave you tearing at the pages, desperate for more.  For within these pages, the dead rise from their graves to haunt the London Underground, witches whisper their incantations to the wind, a sisterhood of bitten necks hunts fog-drenched alleyways lit only by gaslight, and only one thing is certain:  that dread will follow you until you turn that final page.  And that sinking feeling in the pit of your chest?  That fear that something is following you, watching you, hunting you?  It is not for nothing.  Look over your shoulder, dear reader.  Watch behind you.  Listen to the whispers in the darkness.  But know this . . . it is all inevitable.

Thus the Amazon blurb for Grimmer & Grimmer Books’s new anthology DEADSTEAM (see September 4, et al.), still listed for an official October 1 release. But strange are the ways. . . .  That is, yesterday my author’s paperback copy had nestled itself into my mailbox, seemingly more than two weeks before its official existence!  None the less, my tale in the tome (tomb?) involves not a premature birth of sorts but, recounted through the eyes of a Victorian London undertaker, perhaps an overly quick dismissal of death.  The title is “The Re-Possessed,” originally published in CEMETERY RIOTS (Elysium Press, 2016).

Not complaining about the date, though (albeit putting down its publication as September 2018 in my bibliography (cf. under “PAGES” in the right hand column) — it is in fact a lovely book.  And pre-orders are being taken now, so those who wish to indulge may press here.  And not only that, there will be an additional hardback edition, to pre-order which one may press here.

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