Cyclops Quick Pick for Sins & Other Worlds Antho

Talk about fast!  Thursday, June 14, I submitted a story to a reprint anthology for short (1500 words or less), dark science fiction, SINS AND OTHER WORLDS.  As it happened I had a story I rather liked at about half that length,”The Cyclops,” about a deformed but hyper intelligent baby first published in DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR in June 2013.  And in fairness, the call for submissions did say responses could come in less than two weeks.

But in only two days?  Sent late yesterday came the reply from Editor Eric Fomley:  Thank you for sending me this.  I would like to use “Cyclops” in the SINS AND OTHER WORLDS anthology.  I’ll keep you in the loop as the project progresses.  So, technically it was three hours and some minutes over two days if one reads the time stamps (assuming, that is, they’re for the same time zone), but that’s still pretty quick!

Also according to Editor Fomley there should be a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, for which expect news here as soon as it’s known.  More money raised, after all, means more money in authors’ pockets (the project will be called off, in fact, if we can’t be paid at least an advance of $0.01 a word).  Also they’re still open for new submissions, to close only when the anthology’s full — but at this rate of speed that might not be too long.  So if interested in submitting yourself, details can be found here.


  1. Marge Simon

    Congrats JIM! That’s a record acceptance, I’d say! The only faster one would come from someone who knows you are good so all you do is submit and they take it when they read your email! YAY for you!

  2. Marge, thanks. The funny thing here is I deliberately sent a second submission fearing that he might not like “The Cyclops,” though this being the more standard only one story per author situation, the second came back with a rejection (on those grounds) shortly after the first. It was longer too(more money 😉 ) , but I’d really hoped he would take “The Cyclops,” so for me it’s a happy ending.

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