Triana Is NOT Amused, or, America’s Got Talented . . . Cats

They’re coming to get us, these talented cats.  Beware, beware!  Or, now for something completely different — and if not beware just enjoy, courtesy of Gary Ogden on SHORTLIST.COM, “‘America’s Got Talent’ Just Gave Us the Greatest Cat Video of All Time.”  To quote from the blurb:  A cat doing tricks?  Well, now you’ve got our attention.  The reason for this is, that cats do whatever the hell they want and will not pander to your requests to perform.  Getting a cat to do something is extremely difficult, as anyone who has ever had to give their cat a pill can attest. 

However, it seems that some people have a knack with their cats. . .  To which I would add, half the fun’s watching the faces of the judges, or, to see for yourself, press here.

  1. Marge Simon

    Amazing –looks to me like they had Persians only –I didn’t see them all –probably trained them since kittenhood-ish. The really astonishing part is that they weren’t freaked by the floodlights, audience, and noise! The first one out looked hesitant for a moment but quickly went into its programmed tricks. Also they didn’t appear to be rewarding cats with treats like trainers do with dogs.

  2. My impression was that the first one’s hesitation was part of the act, that it acted bored, as one would expect. Then, while we don’t see the woman in entirety, I have the idea she turned partly away or otherwise looked like she was giving up (maybe shrugged)when the cat turned and went through the hoop (like something she did was the signal the cat was tuned to — but maybe I’m reading too much into it). But what I thought was neat was the “we told you so” looks on some of the judges’ faces suddenly being replaced by looks of amazement. I noticed the lack of treat rewards too, but most (all?) did seem to get a cuddle when picked up on a trick’s completion, so maybe that was the reward, a sort of “well done!”

  3. Well, on a second look, that’s not so much a cuddle the cats get, and in fact seemed to be treated kind of roughly (though in a way that they might still feel as play). On the first trick, it’s Marina’s standing up that I’m pretty sure is the cat’s signal (she’s not turning or otherwise looking like she’s giving up, my bad). I also note the distressed-looking clothing they (the people) wore, especially the mother’s much-torn jeans, and wonder if the idea is to suggest the tears might have been caused by the cats in the training process 😉 .

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