Serendipity Strikes Again: Spec Fic Bibliography Discovered

Cool!  And it’s possible I’m the last person to know it. But yesterday afternoon’s cruise of the Interwebs blundered me into a site I had not known, SPECULATIVE FICTION DATABASE, and, more specifically, “Summary Bibliography:  James S. Dorr.”  It’s always fun to read these things too, to discover such things about myself as “Used These Alternate Names: James Dorr” or “Author Tags:  horror (1), fantasy (1), post apocalypse (1).”  And these things are true, whether I would have expressed them exactly that way or not.

The bibliography itself is divided into parts, such as “Collections,” “Omnibus,” “Short Fiction,” “Poems,” “Essays,” and “Interviews with This Author,” and let me be the first to admit I haven’t the slightest idea what “Omnibus” means.  It has just one entry, “Wind-Song (1992) [O],” which it turns out is actually a poem, published in, yes, 1992 in WEIRDBOOK ENCORE.  As for the others, readers of this blog will be able to tell semi-immediately that the last two items are woefully sparse (check “Poetry (Essays)” under PAGES in the right-hand column, for instance); “Collections” is better served however and, while some whole publications (GOTHIC NET being one I immediately noticed) seem not to be represented at all, the short fiction and poems lists are wonderfully long and have lots of stuff, some of it quite obscure.

So as these things go, SPECULATIVE FICTION DATABASE puts out a pretty good bibliography, with various links that are fun to explore, though the bibliographies here to the right are the “official” ones to check all others against.  But still, give it a look by pressing here.


  1. Marge Simon

    WOW! Listing of poems is excellent –of course I’m sure that’s still not ALL! Thanks, Jim!

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    […] via Serendipity Strikes Again: Spec Fic Bibliography Discovered — jamesdorrwriter […]

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