As a small note, the question had come up whether the list below was complete, or if there were more names.  Also, that there may be some mistakes on it, in terms of spellings and the like, the answer to this one being yes, that it is a long list and needed to be sent out quickly so errors here and there would be likely.  And as for the former, the “official” word on Facebook is that “[t]he list of stories written in Spanish is closed.  All the stories that are chosen from now on will be the ones that come from other languages and are being translated or corrected.”

So, yes, there should be considerably more (though don’t look for me to publish it in its entirety here 🙂 ) — since stories were to be only 200 to 300 words each, even a hundred would come to 30,000 words at the most, which would still make for a rather thin book.  On the other hand, some on the list are apparently already ones that were translated, my “School Nights” (to give the original title) for instance having been submitted in English.


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