Todo El Mundo Expanded — The First Hundred (in English)

And the list gets longer!  Yesterday brought the announcement, c.f. just below, of the first forty selections for the upcoming Spanish Anthology TODO EL MUNDO EN UN LIBRO while FaceBook today provides more authors and titles as the process continues.  So here’s where it stands now, and this time in an English translation (again, look for my story “School Nights” or, as it appears here, “Learning Nights”):

This is the list of the first 100 stories selected for the book “Nanocuentos del planeta tierra – Todo el mundo en un libro”.  We remember that there are stories to be translated, and that many of them will be added to the list in the near future.  This list only closes the contest for the writings that were presented in the group directed by Sergio Gaut Vel Hartman and whose original language is Spanish.  Thank you very much for your strength, drive and participation.  For people whose writings have been left out, for many different reasons (explained in a previous post), we remember that it is the writings that have been left out, not the people, and that if there is something bigger than a book or story is the person who writes it.  Let´s go.

Tales / one hundred such:

– “Blood Harvest” by Jenny Kangasvuo
– “demographics” of balázs farkas
– “the middle name”, of Dolly Garland
– “the hope”, of servando clemens
– “my last fear”, by Graciela Yaracci
– “a kiss for granny”, by gergely buglyó
– “post apocalypse”, by Alejandro Bentivoglio
– “this is the forest”, of Mary Rosa lojo
– “in silence”, of so blonde
– “names”, of José Luis Zárate

– “you look just like” Jorge Ariel madrazo
– “the tramp”, from samuli antilla
– “Emporeio”, by kostas paradias
– “before it’s late”, by Luisa Axpe
– “confession”, by Armando Azeglio
– “State of siege”, by Eduardo Cerdán
– “the sacrifice”, of Fabio Calabrese
– “the human library”, of martijn adelmund
– “steps in the sand”, by Giovanni Agnoloni
– “the assault”, by Carlos Almira Picazo.

– “learning nights”, by James Dorr
– “Mud”, by jay caselberg
– “Dayland”, by Alejandro Marcelo Guarino
– “Handmade”, by Sergio Gaut Vel Hartman
– “another day”, by Pedro José García Gambín
– “Diamair”, by Julia Martin
– “the man of the train”, by Bruce Memblatt
– “this city”, of j.s. meresmaa
– ” someone saw him?”, from Hector Ranea
– “children and kittens”, by John Paul Allen

– “the end of the vigil”, of mark e. Pocha
– “another day in the life”, of Holly Schofield
– “love above all”, of betina goransky
– “the female status”, of Karen Jennings
– “Transformation”, by Valjeanne Jeffers
– “the departure”, of Alberto Chimal
– “the rest room”, by J.J. Haas
– “murder without witnesses”, by Javier López
– “cultivated sorrows”, of rosana canosa.
– “rebirth”, by l.v. cervera merino

– “the fourth-hour mirror”, by Juan Pablo Noronha
– “vicious circle”, of João Ventura
– “five friends”, by José Eduardo Lopes
– “the scarecrow”, of Carlos Manuel Cruz Meza
– “says my mother”, lucas cristofaro de vincenti
– “the bell rang for a long time”, of katica kulavkova
– “wishes”, by Leonardo Killian
– “Solux”, by Michael Marak
– “sacrifice of life and death”, by Gerard Houarner
– “decision”, by Jorge Candeias

– “disappearances”, from Lori Saint Martin
– “Grandma and the rest”, Steve Rasnic’s.
– “the group”, of Susana Revolt
“modesty” by Susana Ricciardi
– “in the labyrinth”, of Vladimir Rivas iturralde
– ” h.i.j.o.s.”, by Marcelo Rubio
– “bird friend”, of know ali
– “every day”, Daniel Salvo
– “death wish”, from salik shah
– “sign language”, by Julia address

– “don’t make me”, Diana Ponce
– “in the way of the bird”, of estela porta
– “for ugly”, from Gloria Ramirez
– “I will miss this”, from Francisco Chiappini
– “she”, from reccared silebo boturu
– “Arno”, from dalmira tilepbergen
– “the time of the function”, of Debbie Willems
– “meat market” by Anna Hill
– “American pregnant prisoners” from marleen s. Barr
– “the cars, refrigerators and women” of Karla Barajas

– “mere suggestion”, by Fernando Sorrentino
– “the time of slavery”, by hervé madaya
– “permanence of the song”, by yulia watanabe
– “so soft, so tender”, from Magdalena Hai
– “only sixty seconds”, of noshin shahrokhi
– “a conversation between the left hemisphere and the right”, of Marta Markoska
“Paris, London”, by Jean Luc Raharimanana
– “Homeland” of mend-heard gom gojav
– “desolate”, of innocent ilo
– “waiting”, for okwudili nebeolisa

– “the man and the dog”, of mohamed saïd raihani
– “dream covered in white”, by ruba nassereldeen
– “dust to dust”, from valery riddle
– “Black albino”, from tulani ngwenya
– “Mutant journey”, by Gerardo Horacio Porcayo
– “Protein”, by Cristian Arenós rebolledo
– “chicken coop”, of peace palau
– “ingredients”, by Rogelio Ramos signes
– “two bodies”, of Carlos Chernov
– “the construction of the universe”, of ana maría shua

– “collector”, by Ricardo Bernal
– “go de polyphemus”, by Diego Muñoz Valenzuela
– “the pariah”, of Enrique tamarit cerdà
– “Fairy Tale”, by Daniel Frini
– “encounter”, by Edgar Omar Avilés
– “sacrilege”, by Antonio J. Cebrián
– “silhouettes”, by Ana Delia Carrillo
– “wasteland”, of light darriba
– “Hecatomb”, by Jorge Etxeverry
– “the pianist”, of angel fabregat


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