Bloomington Writers Guild Last Last Sunday (for Summer); Onion Trump Dump

Sunday’s weather belied the predictions of afternoon storms which perhaps helped May’s Bloomington Writers Guild “Last Sunday Poetry Reading & Open Mic,” in conjunction with the Monroe County Convention Center, garner fifteen participants who stayed the whole time.  The featured poets were native Hoosier and Americorps veteran Charles Culp, with poems on such things as diners (“the liquor store closes, the church closes, but the diner’s still open”) and the art available just by looking around one, among other topics, and Virginia native Breon Tyler, a visual artist with a degree in Painting and Printmaking, currently completing a masters here in African American and African Diaspora Studies, who started with a work by a poet from Sierra Leone as well as recent poems of her own  Then after a break, six non-scheduled poets read from the audience, of which I was sixth with three somewhat summer-themed poems (parties, vacations, poolside relaxation) from my VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) collection, “Through This Wicked, Winding Way,” “Why She Started Writing Poetry,” and “Moonlight Swimming.”  Last Sunday Poetry will resume August 27 following a a two-month summer hiatus.

Then a second item, simply for fun on a holiday weekend, or, I don’t usually cover politics here but. . . .  But satire does count as literature and this one is difficult to resist, a “claim” by satirical site THE ONION of having “Obtained Hundreds of Trump Documents” including, well, a number of topics from which one may choose after pressing here.  And for horror fans (thus bringing it under this blog’s purview, ahem) I especially recommend, under “Family,” Melania’s letters home to her mother, particularly the last concerning an apparition seen one night on the White House lawn of. . . . (but be sure to read her other letters first).


  1. The Trump Dump list was so depressing, especially Pence’s alleged (ha ha?) emails. When “he” refers to a batch of senators one by one –the two most offensive to me were:
    Al Franken – Jew
    Elizabeth Warren – Head Witch

    Two of my personal favorite senators –I know it’s all in fun but –I really have had enough because it’s too close to reality. (sigh)

  2. I know Al is Jewish, of course! So? (again, sigh!)

    • Some of the ONION’s satires strike me as silly or dumb, but then others are better, at least to my taste. Of these for instance (and I haven’t read every one), I think the set for Steve Bannon represent an inspired mean-spiritedness — I mean that in a good way — as do to a slightly lesser extent those of poor Sean Spicer, locked in his crate between news events. And, whether you’ve read Steve Bannon’s or not, Melania’s letters home (under family) I think absolutely brilliant (even if in real life I think she’s still spending more time in New York than the White House — or is that just a rumor the Trump people made up to misdirect us?).

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