It’s Come to Our Attention: Chocolat In Running for VERA

We would like to announce our third annual VESTAL REVIEW Award (The VERA).

Please feel free to nominate one story under 500 words published by your magazine in print or online in 2016.  The winning selection receives a prize of $100 and a publication in VESTAL REVIEW, and the runner-up entry gets publication in VESTAL REVIEW at our usual terms.  There is no nomination fee.  Only a magazine editor is eligible to submit a nomination.  One story per magazine, please.

Thus the VERA award, from VESTAL REVIEW, “the oldest magazine dedicated exclusively to flash fiction” as their subtitle has it, and yesterday came the news:  Third Flatiron Anthologies editor Juliana Rew wanted to check if it was okay by me for a story, “Chocolat” (yes, that’s how it’s spelled), that appeared in their spring 2016 IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION (cf. February 21 2016, et al., including for special story background December 11 2015) to be nominated.  “Chocolat” is the tale of a beleaguered Frenchman protesting a recent (really, though by now a few years past) European Union Financial Council change in the legal definition of chocolate — which is to say, chocolat in French — and what became of him.

When the winners will be announced is not known by me (I think stories can be nominated through September 30, which would mean not soon) and the chances, of course, of actually winning are probably not great, but Third Flatiron puts out a pretty good series of quarterly themed anthologies (for more information on which one may click here), including offering professional rates.  Or in other words, just being singled out by them is itself an honor, and so I’ve said “oui!”


  1. That is so cool –Vestal getting in touch with you about the VERA! WOW and wishing you all best!

  2. Marge, thanks! Actually it was Third Flatiron that got in touch, to ask me if it was OK for them to nominate it (insofar as, even if it were a runner up, it would involve the story being reprinted), but either way it’s cool — and either way I’ll probably need all the luck I can get. Also, last year, I think even a short list of 5 or 6 nominees got reprinted by Vestal, though I don’t know if it was actually in their magazine or something separate.

    • Soo sorry for my error. We got home from a conference and I have been sorting out things on line while doing chores & unpacking. Well, nothing has changed to speak of and all the better your editor is behind Chocolat!! YAY! crossing fingers for you!

      • I hope it was a good and an enjoyable conference! I’m still trying to work out the finances to see if I can get to NASFiC in July — this is the one in San Juan, Puerto Rico — hopefully with two or three copies of TOMBS in hand to get some buzz (out too late, unfortunately, for the horror conferences). While at the moment dividing my time between proofreading the thing and figuring income tax (a refund for which seems to be on the horizon, which just may be what could finance Puerto Rico 😉 ).

      • Wow! Puerto Rico!! I sure hope the US Tax Bureau is as generous in your return as possible!!! I’ll sen an email about the ICFA.

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