“Bullets and Butterflies” — Weldon Burge Blog Features Interview of . . . Me

If you’re familiar with Smart Rhino’s anthologies (and we certainly hope you are!), you may remember his stories “The Wellmaster’s Daughter” in UNCOMMON ASSASSINS, and “Labyrinth” in INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS.  His story “Golden Age” will be published in ZIPPERED FLESH 3, now in production.  So marks the start of Monday’s outing of Smart Rhino Press Editor/Publisher Weldon Burge’s blog, BULLETS AND BUTTERFLIES.  Here you will find things concerning my collection THE TEARS OF ISIS and the lure of short stories, as well as my upcoming novel TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, though of the latter the publication date is now set for June (i.e. rather than “spring,” which only means things sometimes get out of date; also the poet Allan Poe may be better known as Edgar Allan, but typos can happen too).  Also the blog itself  may seem familiar, having also been published in Smart Rhino Publications’s own January NEWSLETTER (see January 18).  But as Weldon himself says on his Facebook page:  Just posted my interview with Bram Stoker nominee (and frequent writer for Smart Rhino Publications) James Dorr.  His story “Golden Age,” will appear in the upcoming ZIPPERED FLESH 3.  He has some great advice for writers from his own experience.  So maybe it will be worth reading anew.

Or in any event for those new to this blog it can be found here.


  1. As I read and enjoy your interviews, I do think this is one of your best –thanks to the questions. Of course, that last question about advice to new writers/poets seems pretty standard. Most folks (myself included) say READ READ READ in all genres, but preferably material written by people who knew how to write a good story (or poem) and pull it off without a bog spot. I enjoyed what you said at end to that question a lot –it was refreshing and excellent advice!

  2. And wouldn’t you know, I’d be the one to to mostly advise them about the money! (Or lack thereof.)

    • Yes, I could have guessed that if it were a Jeopardy question: What top horror fiction author has a penchant for giving monetary advice? Or What excellent horror fiction writer is known for being frugal, money-wise?

  3. As a weird other thing, if you go to the interview on Weldon’s blog and, at the bottom, click on the button to go to this blog, you may get a message denying you entrance, saying it’s a private site. (So I checked, and it’s not!) Don’t know why it says that since, obviously, if you’re reading this you’re here. But if anyone asks, just tell them if that doesn’t work, they can get here via the bloggie’s own URL, https://jamesdorrwriter.wordpress.com

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