Saturday brings us news that THE BOOK OF BLASPHEMOUS WORDS (cf. January 27, et. al) has been released on Kindle with, according to publisher A Murder of Storytellers, the paperback version hopefully to be available soon.  More here as it becomes known.  This is the one about people’s relationships with their gods, not always as lovely as one might hope, with my “burnt” offering about a lad who apparently couldn’t get to hell, with a cautionary note to preachers.  Titled “Tit for Tat,” it’s a poem in the class sometimes called “Little Willies,” humorous quasi-Victorian takes on boys who cause, or have caused to them dire things.

Then one more quick note:  Word came last night from Heidi Angell, who we may recall from her interview of me last month (see January 10), that she plans to use  an essay by me on her blog sometime next week.  Again, more here as it becomes known.  The essay is titled “What is a Novel-In-Stories?” and explains why that form may be superior to more straightforward narrative for some applications, with special reference to my own upcoming TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (due in June from Elder Signs Press, for more information on which click its picture in the center column).


  1. What is “Kindell”? I know it’s a typo. 🙂

    • Good call! (of course it will remain that way on the Facebook announcement forever 😉 ) I think it’s right in the text, though, “Kindle.”

      • You can fix a typo on FB. Just look for that little mark in the upper right hand corner of the post and click that to edit. Right?

      • In my comments, if any, yes. But its rendition of the “shared” page (here the top part of the bloggie) is etched in pixels, not to be updated. Though if one then clicks on it, one does get transferred to the current version.

        Or at least such is my understanding. (sigh)

      • On the bright side, though, those also wondering what a “Kindell” is might be moved to click on the whole blog.

  2. I look forward to more about this essay!

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