A Bit of Good Seen Among the Sad

It’s a small thing, but one that is greatly appreciated — an endorsement in a sense that one is doing some things right as a writer at least, over and above what may sell or not sell.  And a very nice touch by pure coincidence that this was in my inbox yesterday evening, when there was so much of sadness that had to be shared here.  This was a post by TammyJo Eckhart, a fellow writer who actually is also Bloomington based, though we don’t tend to run into each other that often.  But still legitimate, I think, in that I’m just one of a number of authors she cites, for whom read below or, to see it in context, press here.

This is just a few of the authors that I not only enjoy but also respect for their bravery with the topics they tackle.  I know that their bravery will continue in the next few years and hopefully beyond.

If I have left you out, there is no intended slight on my part, I promise.

Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan, Janet Hardy, Elizabeth Schechter, Stephen Zimmer, Chrissy Garrison, Race Bannon, Lisa Kaye, John Warren, Jack Wallen, James Robert Crews Wylder, James Dorr, Angelia Sparrow, Travis Clemmons, Rosemary Laurey, Lee Harrington, Peter Tupper, Matthew Barron, and Gloria Brame.

So thank you TammyJo, and thanks to the others on the list too.  In current times, it’s good that we writers can stick together.


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