No, this is a different one, not the Smart Rhino interview-to-come noted just below, but one completed in a flurry of activities the week before Christmas with Heidi Angell.  This one includes such questions as what director I’d choose were TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH optioned for a movie (my answer suggests three, the third of whom may come as a surprise but whose work has been reviewed on this blog) and what is one great lesson I may have learned through being an author?  I might mention, too, that I may have some other posts on Ms. Angell’s blog in the months to come in anticipation of TOMBS’s planned June release, as well as possibly some reviews of books of mine by her.  And then later this month as well, perhaps we will see the “other,” Smart Rhino Publications’s interview of me by Weldon Burge.

For this one, however, on Heidi Angell’s late Monday MEET THE AUTHOR feature, please to press here.


  1. I must get a copy of TOMBS. Can I buy from you or via Amazon? And you are a “deep man”, Mr. Dorr! Enjoyed your interview lots.

  2. Hi Marge, thank you for comments on this and the last (the Smart Rhino interview should be coming up next Tuesday or shortly after, I think)! TOMBS is available for pre-order through Amazon, with a stated publication of June 1, and probably (maybe?) would also be available from Elder Signs Press then too. I believe it’s also pre-orderable from B&N and maybe some others too (it would be neat if B&N also put it on their brick&mortar store shelves too, but I don’t know if there are any plans for that).

  3. I think it can be ordered now, just that it won’t be shipped until June. If it comes through, the link is or else just click the TOMBS picture in the center column. But I’ll be sure to have an announcement here as soon as it’s actually available in the, as it were, flesh — as well as trying to remember to email you too, but my memory is actually the weakest link here. (It may be possible to get a review copy free too, but I don’t know how the rules will work there.)

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