Phobos, Dark Call of the Sea Contract Signed

The beat goes on.  Late yesterday evening the contract came for my story “The Dark Call of the Sea” from PHOBOS MAGAZINE (see October 25) to be initialed, the “Author Credit” section double checked, and the bio for publication okayed and/or updated.  “Once we get the contract back then we can send over your payment.  Thank you and talk to you soon!”  And so, today, all ha170px-20000_squid_holding_sailors been sent back with, yes, one small correction to the bio (my novel-in-stories TOMBS, to be published in June 2017 rather than just in “spring-summer”), Paypal information had been sent before, and now one awaits the cash and an author’s copy of the publication.

The writing life as it’s supposed to be lived!

“The Dark Call of the Sea,” incidentally, is more or less what it sounds like:  A Lovecraftian horror story about a summer at Innsmouth gone bad, with a bit of a tip of the hat in addition to that author’s “The Music of Erich Zann.”  The issue itself is to be PHOBOS’s fourth, on the theme “Deep Black Sea,” so you landlubbers realize it won’t be alone — and you have been warned (details to come as they become known)!


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