What drew me to writing?  What (if any) are recurring themes in my work?  How do I get in my characters’ minds?  All good questions — and, of course, a chance to say something about tombs-final-copymy new book, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  These are a part of my latest interview, by Carrie Ann Golden, which is now live on her A WRITER & HER ADOLESCENT MUSE blog (cf. November 10).  What was the inspiration behind TOMBS? 

To find out all, one need but press here.

Thus the holiday weekend has ended, and a mystery has been solved as well.  One may recall November 4, in a post about Elder Signs Press’s just published anthology DARK HORIZONS, the mystery about the not-about-me biography under my name in the “About the Authors” section at the end of the book.  Sunday the secret was exposed, the man behind the biography is actually James C. Simpson (thus one “James” stands in for another, get it?) who has a story, “Branded for Hell,” in Elder Signs’s other anthology scheduled for this month, STREET MAGICK (September 18, January 22, et al.).  “Branded in Hell” appears in the contents, in fact, just after my own story, “Bottles,” to be in there too.  So the question now is if our bios will be reversed, or remain where they should be, or if a third or a fourth James will be found to substitute for one or the other.

The January 22 post also gives the full contents for STREET MAGICK for those who wish an early sneak peek, while those who check out my November 4 post can scroll down to “Comments” to see James Simpson’s mystery solution just as he sent it.


  1. Your interview is (as they always are) informative and enjoyable. It is true (and rather sad for writers) that the publishers are not helping to promo their books or authors these days. A few do, though. Written Backwards (Dark Regions Press) Crystal Lake, Weasel Press –these do a lot of promo for their publications. There are others too, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Marge, thanks! Yes, there are a few publishers that do some promotion, though generally (which makes sense, I don’t blame them) for their latest book(s) or for sales involving all their books or a large subset. Untreed Reads, for instance, had an October/Halloween sale that discounted all horror and mystery titles, which for better or for worse I reported here, though the only title entirely by me in those categories is “I’m Dreaming of A . . . .” (“Vanitas,” even though originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S, is classed by them as science fiction because of its steampunk elements).* As for Dark Regions Press, my two collections with them are officially out of print and, no longer having the original book designers’ files, Chris declined bringing them back in — so one back burner project has been to get them back with a different publisher, though Untreed Reads has thus far ignored the pitch I sent them. I’m hoping for more from Elder Signs though, with TOMBS, in that they at least have international circulation . . . so we shall see come next spring or summer.

    *To be fair, Untreed’s New Years Eve anthology, YEAR’S END: 14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR, was in the sale too and also has its lead story by me. Click on any of their 3 chapbook titles in the center column, PEDS, I’M DREAMING, or VANITAS, and it will lead to that one as well.

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