Speaking of fast work, Tuesday, while skipping some of the slow, slow reports of election results, I was finishing up questions for a new interview by Carrie Ann Golden.  No ducks walking into bars or early crushes in this one (cf. October 24), but good writerly questions still, seven in all, including a few on my upcoming novel-in-stories, TOMBS:  A 13921093_549470955240395_4107293061612582985_nCHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH.  And even a comment on THE TEARS OF ISIS.  But here’s the thing:  We were looking toward a publication date prior to Thanksgiving, just a couple of weeks down the pike, but when I sent my copy in Wednesday early afternoon, Carrie was back to me by that evening.  “These [the answers] are wonderful . . . am planning to post your interview on Monday, November 14.”

But wait.  That’s this Monday, the one coming up.  Four days from today, today being Thursday.  Talk about quick work!  So anyway, just around the (as it were) calendar corner, I’ll be there on Carrie Golden’s A WRITER & HER ADOLESCENT MUSE blog, more on which, with link, we will see here on the 14th.


  1. I look forward to reading the interview and of course the collection — I’m hoping it is also in paperback?

  2. Marge, thanks! TOMBS (but please, “the novel” — in the same sense of Bradbury’s THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, etc.– even if the term vs. “collection” may, like genre distinctions, have as much to do with marketing as anything else 😉 ) should come out in both trade paperback and electronic versions. Or at least the contract so implies.

    • Of course, it would make a difference the way the publisher publicizes it, if they do at all these days, but it would determine, say, if it were recommended for Stokers as a first novel vs. collection which, to whatever extent marketers, reviewers, etc. pay attention to awards, could affect sales down the line. To whatever extent books still have appreciable sales in any form these days — but novels generally do outsell collections which is why, in fact, Bradbury’s publisher insisted MC be done as a novel-in-stories with its timeline, inter-story vignettes, etc., or more to the point William Jones of Elder Signs Press was originally cool to a collection of “Tombs” stories, though he liked the stories themselves, but when I re-presented it in novel form that started the ball ever-so-slowly rolling. (Several years ago as it was, with Elder Signs Press now showing a second wind with Chuck Zaglanis in charge, who bit when I brought up TOMBS to him as an informally accepted, but not yet contracted book lurking in the archives, as it were.)

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