Bloodbond November Contents Announced

Late Sunday evening’s email capped the weekend with an announcement/listing from Alban Lake Publishing of the contents of the current (or very bloodbond-november-2016-tyree-campbell-200x300near future) November issue of BLOODBOND.  And, speaking of vampires, it is not berift of a piece by me (cf. June 22), a poem of the apprehension, yet joy of the newly “turned” titled “Her First Time.”  She imagined pilots/ with their first solo flight/ felt somewhat the same way,/ elation combined with fear –/ so much could go wrong –/ yet. . . . 

For this and more, one can check out Alban Lake’s “store” by pressing here.  And, for the other contents as well:

The Walri Project by Kendall Evans
A Helping Hand by Alison McBain
KAMY25V by Lee Clark Zumpe
Shooting by the Light of the Moon by Jeremy Hayes
Gordon by Joel & Angela Enos
Tail to Treasure by Olga Godim

Flash Fiction
Stealth by Karen Heslo
le souper a la maison d’ombres by Terrie Leigh Relf
Another Full Moon by Marge Simon
The Other Victorians by Justin Holliday
Companions of Dead Things by Matthew Wilson

Featured Poet: Sandy DeLuca
The Carnival
The Crone’s Dream
Conjuring Nosferatu
In the Hollywood Hills
Frankenstein by Ron Larson
Her First Time by James S. Dorr
Blending Scents by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Tomb of Wolves by Matthew Wilson


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