Stranded on an off-world base, a tech specialist seeks to outwit a confused AI before it kills him.  In the depths of space, a mining ship finds a vein of ore that will make everyone aboard rich — if they figure out what happened to the crew of the ship that was here before them.  Waiting for the unwary reader of this book are stories of madmen playing with science beyond their control, and alien creatures with malign intent.  Welcome to Dark Horizons, where the future is lost.  Featuring fiction by Jay Caselberg, Eric Del Carlo, Aaron J. French, and Christopher Fulbright.  And also me, which the Amazon text doesn’t state specifically, but you can’t fit everyone in a blurb.  And Dark_Horizonssomewhat hilariously when you check out the”About the Authors” section in the book itself, is that the one that’s under my name (“. . . a mysterious recluse from the wild mountains of Pennsylvania . . .”) is not about me!  If anyone knows who it is about, I would be curious too.

But that’s not important.  What is are the stories, of which mine is the first in the book, “Dark of the Moon” (cf. September 18, 15, January 22, et al.), one of three that are reprints, originally published in CHILDREN OF CTHULHU (Del Rey, 2002) and later reprinted in FUTURE LOVECRAFT (Innsmouth Free Press, 2011; Prime Books, 2012).  “Dark of the Moon” is a tale of a lunar landing gone bad (they all go bad in a book like this, don’t they?), this one the first on the moon’s back side, the side we never see that always faces away from the Earth.  In addition are eighteen other stories, all of which look like potential winners.

So yesterday DARK HORIZONS arrived with “Dark of the Moon” in the computer cave mailbox, sent in the dark, end days of October (the 29th by postmark to be exact, and never mind Amazon’s November 15 publication listing).  For more, press here.


  1. James Simpson

    That “mysterious recluse” comment sounds like what I wrote for my author bio! I was included in the ‘Street Magick” anthology, though. However, I always thought that my tale of Lovecraftian horror in the wild west never seemed much of a fit for an “Urban Fantasy” anthology.

    By the way, my name is James C. Simpson. I was the author of “Branded For Hell,” which is in Street Magick.

  2. Hi James, thanks for commenting, and welcome to DARK HORIZONS (sort of)! I’ll be joining you too in STREET MAGICK (my story, “Bottles”) so it’ll be interesting to see whose biography goes where there. As I emailed Chuck Zaglanis, I’m more amused than upset by the mistake — now I know, presumably someone just picked the wrong “James” to fit in the slot, and it’s not the worst that’s ever happened to me either (such as a different publisher who had 2 anthologies out at the same time and put my story in the wrong book!) — but I also suggested it would be good to correct, if need be, for STREET MAGICK since my bio ends with a plug for an upcoming novel by me, TOMBS, to be published by Elder Signs next year.

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