At The Movies Double Feature: Sexy Horror, or Scary SF

Jesus Franco’s VAMPYROS LESBOS is yet another horror film that doesn’t quite qualify as scary. More erotica than anything else, the film follows a vixen vampiress that, as the title would suggest, targets female victims. While a lesbian vampire is certainly a creative, albeit odd, character choice, that doesn’t mean that the idea should result in the film.

Unfortunately for us, it did.  And as you could probably guess, scares are in short supply while the sexualization of women is at the forefront of the entire film.  Of course, there are many that would disagree — in many circles, this film is considered brilliant, even one of Franco’s best works.  However, no matter the opinion on the film’s success, vampyroslesboscoverit’s very clear that sexuality is valued over the its “scary” qualities.

We may recall VAMPYROS LESBOS from last month’s post on “Sweet Lesbian Vampire Love” (August 14).  And so it is, um, covered again as #7 in Victoria Robertson’s “10 Trashy Horror Movies With More Skin then Scares” on SCREENRANT.COM, as pointed out in today’s e-mailbox by Scott M. Godiscak via Facebook and THE HORROR SOCIETY.  The list is not to condemn the sexy, at least not per se, but to lament the lack of actual horror when pushed too far aside by skin and/or blood.  The point is well enough taken (VAMPYROS LESBOS for example is actually a retelling of DRACULA from a more CARMILLA-like point of view, but is washed in sun — literally — rather than shadows) although, in some cases, we might still make room for guilty pleasures.  And as Robertson points out herself, for at least a few of these there are contradictory opinions.  Number 1 on her list, starring Robert Englund, is, for instance, filled with sly references to existentialism, albeit perhaps more superficial than profound.  Or are they?

More profound are ten different movies, courtesy of Robert Dunbar via Gerald Houarner on Facebook’s LITERARY DARKNESS, as brought to us by Rebekah McKendry in “10 Terrifying Science Fiction Films You May Have Missed” via BLUMHOUSE.COM.  Some of these are a bit obscure, the list itself sometimes suggesting sources, and I have to confess I’ve only seen four myself (although of the guilty pleasures above, I’ve only seen three as far as I know, but in this case it may be that some are overly forgettable).  Still some should be worth searching for, for a start on which one may press here — while for guilty pleasures press here.


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