September Last Sunday Poetry “Uplifted”?

Another month, another last Sunday, which brought today the Bloomington Writers Guild’s “Last Sunday Poetry Reading and Open Mic,” presented in conjunction with the Bloomington and Monroe County Convention Center (cf. August 28, et al.).  The opening reading this time was by Jordan Zandi, a Boston University MFA, who read from his recent Kathryn A. Morton Prize winning collection, SOLARIUM, then ended with one or two new poems slated for his next publishing project.  He was followed by Indianapolis born and bred, and lately Bloomington resident Jason Ammerman, a lively and experienced reader and also co-founder of the Indiana poetry troupe The Reservoir Dogwoods, with his most recent collection, BATTLE SCARRED, published by Chatter House Press in 2012.  He also has a forthcoming collection, WAYLON JENNINGS NEVER SLEPT HERE.

When “Open Mic” time came there were nine readers signed up, a larger than normal group, of which I came last with three recent and as yet unpublished poems.  The first of these, “Some Assembly Required,” was a three-line not-really-haiku about the travails of an undertaker, following the night of the full moon, collecting body parts left by the local werewolves for proper burial.  This was followed by bambitwo longer poems, the first of which, “Escalations,” references a very short movie I saw years ago, BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, describing how after the movie the Japanese monster, washing festering deer body parts off his foot in Tokyo Bay, inadvertently starts a worldwide athletes foot epidemic; the second, involving a prompt to write an uplifting poem (I explained to the audience I generally don’t do uplifting) is called simply “Uplifting,” and describes a woman wearing a wide-brimmed, but overly tight-fitting hat who is caught in a wind storm and blown to the moon.  (This last one also included vampires.)


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