Great Tome Vol. 3, of Fantastic and Wondrous Places; Speaking of Exploration. . . .

This is another of those periods where there seems to be something new happening every day.  And let us be thankful while it lasts!  For today it’s a notice from Julie Ann Dawson of Bards and Sages Publishing that the third volume in their GREAT TOMES series, THE GREAT TOME OF GreatTomeV3.125102232_stdFANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES (see August 29, June 23, et al.) has been released.  Available both in print and Kindle, this one has my story “Ice Vermin,” originally published in EXTREMES 5 (Lone Wolf Publications, 2003; also reprinted in DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET for which one may press its picture in the center column), here reformatted into a new edition, describing the travails of an early 20th century Russian expedition into Siberia — and what they found there.  For more information and possible ordering one may press here.

But then, speaking of exploration, and once again through the sheer wonder of serendipity, have you yourself ever wanted to know what and where is the most remote place on Earth?  Courtesy of BIGTHINK.COM one may wonder no more, via “Solitude, Space Junk and Sea Monsters:  the Eeriness of Point Nemo,” by Frank Jacobs.  The question posed, in Jacobs’s words, is “What do sci fi pioneer Jules Verne, horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and the Russian space programme have in common?”  The answer is a point in the South Pacific Ocean located at 48°52.6’S 123°23.6’W.

For more, press here.

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