Sweet Lesbian Vampire Love (2): Eternal

The vampiress explains to her minion:  it’s not just biting your victim, but you must seduce her.  Elizabeth (chat room handle “Erzsebet”) is good at seducing.  Indeed it’s not even just drinking the blood that keeps her young looking, but taking baths in it.  For those astute who’re hearing an echo of real-life mass-murderess and contributor to vampiric lore Elizabeth (Hungarian:  Erzsebet) elizabeth_bathory_portraitBathory (1560-1614), for more on whom one can press here, you just may be on to something.

But then there’s that pesky police detective, who’s into kinky sex behind his wife’s back, who’s hounding our Liz in present-day Montreal.  It seems that wifey took a night off herself and never came back, and the last place she can be traced to is Elizabeth’s dungeon.  The one with the rec room with the portrait, one which in real life went missing in the 1990s, of historical Erzsebet over the wet bar (no, not that wet, as the lady has also been seen drinking wine, but insofar as she favors reds who really knows) — and could it be possible both have survived?  Or at least, in common with the very good movie ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (cf. August 10 2016, June 26 2014), if one is to do the vampire thing right, it helps to have a lot of money.

Thus the movie, ETERNAL, and, yes, it’s one noted in last month’s “Sweet Lesbian Vampire Love” posting (see August 14).  The detective himself, though, is a sort of bargain basement Kojak with sleazoid intimations added (and someone’s got to say it, yes, he probably likes licking things other than lollipops), not exactly a credit to the Montreal PD, and I, for one, was rooting against him.  But there is some nice cat-and-mouse action as he slowly brings his case together as, simultaneously, Lizzie and minion are building a Class A frame-up against him.  Then as the traps are about to snap, the vamp moves to her other house in Venice and would-be Kojo follows.  It seems Interpol has been keeping sort of an eye on her too, although the agent in question may have other loyalties as well, so they and Kojo have their own dance as all converge on Elizabeth’sth Italian den, on, as it happens, apparently party night — lots of decadence, lots of skin, lots of girl-on-girl action, and this is just the glanced at in passing background — and can’t a lady take a bath in private anymore?

Well, apparently not.  And the minion (remember her?) doesn’t do too well either, but there’s a possibly implied ending after the ending — recall the first two sentences, way above — and possibly more ambiguity than one at first might have expected.

Bottom line, I liked the film.  It’s one of those hovering on the line between cheap, albeit sexy, thriller (the casting of the sleazy detective may be a minus, I’d like to have seen some believable moral ambiguity here that would have given it more of a noir flavor) and a reasonably true to its roots vampire piece that even offers space for a little thought.  How does the modern vampiress hunt? — in this case it’s through chat rooms for readers of kinky romances.  Any writers of kinky romances here?

So see the movie, and if you like your vamps hot and smart, you might well enjoy it, although it still may just miss a spot on the shelf you reserve for classics.


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