First September Sale to Zippered Flesh 3

The email actually came Wednesday, and this may be a sneak preview of sorts as I don’t think the book has opened yet to general submissions (nor do I know for sure if it will).  I do understand there will be a Kickstarter later, probably early next year, to try and move author payments up.  So although I asked, not having been requested not to I’ll softly announce here that I’ve made a new sale.

The acceptance is from Smart Rhino Publications for the third volume in their ZIPPERED FLESH series, ZIPPERED FLESH 3:  YET MORE TALES OF BODY ENHANCEMENTS GONE BAD, described by Editor Weldon Burge as seeking “dark or supernatural stories in which body modifications play pivotal roles in the plot,” and tentatively scheduled for late 2017.  “Stories do not necessarilyzipper have to be straight horror (chilling stories are preferred, however), but they must fit the theme of the anthology.  Psychological horror is especially preferred.”  Previous works by me in Smart Rhino anthologies are “The Wellmaster’s Daughter” in UNCOMMON ASSASSINS and “The Labyrinth” in INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS (cf., respectively, February 7 2014 and January 23 2015, et al.)

Running against type, my story here is actually science fiction, “Golden Age,” originally published in Catherine Asaro’s MINDSPARKS in Spring 1994, and not that dark except in an existential sense, suggesting perhaps that psychological barriers, regardless of physical, might stand in the way of overly extended lifespans.  “Golden Age” has also been published in England in ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN (Fringeworks 2015, cf. September 4 2015, et al.) and, probably close to one extreme in terms of content thus far lined up for ZIPPERED FLESH 3, it could be thought of as a balance to, to paraphrase Editor Burge, tales of the more “gruesome.”


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