Sweet Lesbian Vampire Love; Aeronautical Horror Scheduled for Bloomington Spoken Word Stage

So it’s a guilty pleasure too (Aimée, e.g., of the “casket girls” is herself bi), but for those interested, this weekend’s DIRGEMAG.COM offers “Red Lips, Black Heart:  The Allure of the Predatory LesbianMV5BMTY2Mjg4MzMyN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTQ0OTcxMQ@@._V1_ Vampire in Film,” by Annie Rose.  While not exhaustive, it provides a fair, more or less chronological view of the hungry for you-know-what vampiress in European and Hollywood movies, some a bit on the subtle side to get past the censors, of course.  And with pictures too (but these, as well, tasteful).  How many have you seen?  For DIRGEMAG’s scorecard, one may press here.

Then in more local news, Sunday brings the schedule for this year’s Labor Day weekend Fourth Street Art Festival’s Spoken Word Stage.  This is a series of half-hour readings of poetry and prose, with a little drama perhaps here and there as well, sponsored by the Writers Guild at Bloomington with partial support from the Bloomington (Indiana) Arts Commission.  And in which, Sunday, September 4 at 3:30 p.m., is featured “horror fiction” by me.  My most likely reading for this will be “Raising the Dead,” originally published in White Cat Publications’s AIRSHIPS AND AUTOMATIONS (see May 27 2015, et al.), which will also be part of my novel-in-stories due out in the first half of next year from Elder Signs Press, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (cf. July 24, 15 et al.).


  1. LOVE that cover. And wish I could attend your presentation on Sept 4th. Ii’ll be thinking of you! Enjoy!

  2. Yes, we may remember Elina Lowensohn, subject of one or two illustrations in VAMPS as I recall too.

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