Guilty Pleasure: Those Bad, Bad Women of the World of Movie Cartoons

Her lipstick is flawless and her eyebrows are the boss of you.

Why is it that female cartoon villains get to be all of these things, to have all of these things?  Why do they get to have hairstyles — no, Hairstyles, with a capital Hair — while their protagonist counterparts are drawn small and soft and childlike?  Why does Ursula get to have a beauty mark and the most impeccably waterproof makeup a sea witch could hope for, while Ariel gets the same wide-eyed small-jawed face as every other white Disney princess?  Why does Maleficent get a headpiece that defines menacing elegance and dark grandeur, while Aurora gets Villainess-Shegogeneric late-fifties bangs?  Why does Shego get to mouth off to Drakken and read magazines by the pool and decide what is and isn’t her job, while Kim Possible has to leap into action regardless of whether she’s tired or sad or sick or, heaven forbid, too busy?

So asks Sarah Gailey on today’s TOR.COM with “In Defense of Villainesses.”  Outside of cartoons, I could add my own Aimée and her fellow filles à les caissettes.  And I especially like one observation Gailey makes, or at least sidles up to.  That it may be the most perfect, innocent princesses who eventually grow up to be the Evil Queens.

In any event I couldn’t resist (and if you can’t either, press here).


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